Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Note To Self....

Note to self.... when the temps are in the high 30's, bright sun or not, wearing gloves on the motorcycle ride to work doesn't hurt.

Note to self... wearing a white work t-shirt out to the barn and expecting fate to keep it clean is just stupid. But I did it, and it stayed clean. How's that for kicking fate in the teeth!

Note to self.... the dog's chain gets dragged through the dirt and.... When you pick it up and wind it around your leg to untangle it, you're going to get dirty. Count on it.

Note to self....Striking a match to a pile of papers to be burned does not necessarily mean that said papers will burn. Even if they've promised you they would. This may or may not have a direct connection to the amount of dew that has settled on them overnight.

Note to self....The oatmeal may or may not explode in the microwave. But it probably will. This does have a direct correlation to whether or not I've just cleaned it (the microwave, not the oatmeal - cleaning oatmeal is just stupid!).

Note to self....the cows will probably find a way to get out, likely on a day when I'm already late for work.

Note to self....Iphone's auto correct feature can turn SVSU (local-ish university) into absurd. That's not only stupid, that's absurd!

Note to self....The way this day is going I might be further ahead to order pizza and stay away from the stove.... just sayin'.....

Life is Good!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's Winterize The Fences, Shall We?

Hubby is going away hunting. Last year when he decided to do this, he came back damaged.  We're hoping he doesn't do that again.

It's traditional for me to undertake a big project when he leaves me alone for any length of time. The project that I wanted to do has been vetoed because he doesn't want me to run the saws while I'm alone. If you know me personally, you realize this sticks in my craw, and he's smart enough to know that if he's going to make a statement like that, he damn well better back it up with a rational rationale.

His reason this time: We can't have you hurt, because if you hurt yourself and can't work, we are sunk. (he still can't work from his last year's injury).
Ok, I know he's right, so I revised my plan. Now I'll spend my time getting the farm ready for winter, so that he doesn't have to and can help me with my project when he gets back.
Smart, eh?

Don't think for one minute I didn't see through that, but when he makes a valid argument I usually try to pay attention.
So, instead of redoing my bathroom cabinets, sink and vanity, I will fix fences and just generally winterize the farm.

Without a skid steer.

Let me say that again, in case any of you get the implications of that statement.

Without A Skid Steer! (Bobcat)

I will attempt to haul up a couple of loads of wood to the deck (without a bobcat, or a truck if the battery doesn't get replaced or the tire fixed...)

I will finally get the chicken pen enlarged and the hen house cleaned out (yuck)

I will get a few odds and ends picked up, like old fencing, fence posts, wire, get hoses drained and rolled up, a bunch of trash burned... little stuff like that. Maybe get the barn cleaned out.

And hockey watched, and knitting knitted, and a lot of bike rides if the weather cooperates.

This time of year I'm very cognizant of the fact that my riding days are coming to an end so any excuse to fire her up and take her for a ride pretty much takes precedence.

I need to get my cabbage shredded, crocks washed and put the two together to make sauerkraut. More grapes need to be turned into juice.

Hay loft needs to be rearranged to make it more suitable for winter, and the tops of the chicken pens need to be sturdied so they don't collapse under the snow load.

So much to do. So little time....

But I love fall.
And you know I love my farm.

Life Is Good!