Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pros and Cons of a Steel Roof

The pros of having a steel roof are pretty obvious. The snow slides off, greatly reducing if not eliminating the snow load.
The cons of having a steel roof, the snow slides off, usually in one thunderous avalanche, scaring the daylights out of the Bu-Dawgh and greatly reducing if not eliminating the need for any front steps.
This happened late last night after more than a foot of snow (the reported measurement was 8.5 inches, it was more, trust me. Lots more. My boots run up to my knees, and I was in over my, well, knees as I trudged through the yard doing chores.
The snow in the barn (yes, I did say "in" the barn) measured about 4", that was what blew in during the night. The barn kitties were not impressed. At all. They filed more than one complaint. There were also a bit miffed that their water was frozen, although I'm not sure how they'd know, seeing as how they'd have to go through the snow to get to the water.
They're also used to getting an egg or two every night, overflow from the hens, and they haven't gotten that in a week or so. Their life is not good currently. Just ask them.
Me? I think they're expecting a bit much, it is Michigan after all. And it does snow here, regularly, every fall, winter and spring.
Back to the avalanche? Yeah, I'll be shoveling this weekend, at least a tunnel to keep ahead of the snow that will regularly cascade down the roof. That will that much less snow to shovel next time.

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