Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Happened To My Summer?

This may be forever known as The Summer That Wasn't. The winter lasted forever, then we got a few weeks of spring, a few weeks of "hotter than hell" and then fall.
As luck would have it, lack of summer, also means lack of projects that were slated to be completed during the summer, didn't get done.
Let's revisit some of the projects that were supposed to get done, shall we?
Chicken pen to be enlarged? Nope.
Back deck steps and railings? Nope.
Barn painted? Nope.
Greenhouse? Major nope! (major bummer....)
What did get done?
On the farm.... Chickens raised and butchered.
That's about it!
Spent a lot of time on my bike touring Northern Michigan, and , OH YEAH!!! The Rockies!
Some friends, hubby and I took our motorcycles out to Colorado where we spent one glorious week riding our bikes around and through the great mountains (and myself, having dropped my bike on my foot resulting in a broken bone or two, hobbled along for the ride as it were).
Totally awesome!
But then as we drove back into Michigan, real life creeped back in. There was a garden that needed to be weeded, a house and farm to be maintained and critters that required attention. That and the Mouth decided to move to Alaska, but I'm not over that yet so....
So, the garden got weeded and the foot hurt.
The critters got maintained and the foot hurt.
The house and farm were revisited and the foot hurt. And it continues to hurt, despite the fact that it has been over 2 months and it should have healed by now. Just sayin....
The tomatoes have been canned, and the grapes and cabbages are next in line, but this weekend is the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival, so in the kitchen playing with jars and canning lids is not where I want to be.
We have a new addition to the critter family. When The Mouth moved to Alaska she kind of forgot to take her dog with her. So guess who got her. "her" is a 4 year old boxer, the sweetest girl ever, very affectionate, loves to give hugs and kisses, and has a loveable goofy look about her. She's not the brightest crayon in the box, but she's nice and since I didn't want her to go to just anyone, we took her.
I've got two knitting projects I'm working on. The first is an awesome side to side knit vest from a new book by Interweave called Knitting Off The Axis. I'm using Knit Picks new Wool of the Andes Tweed in a purple heathery tweed. Sooo cool!
The second is a pair of socks with Noro's Silk Garden sock yarn. These ones will be warm. The first heel got turned today, and maybe tomorrow while at the Lamb and Wool Festival, I'll be able to finish it. Maybe. Still having arm issues, so have to take it easy but as long as I go slow, the knitting will still happen.
So that's all that's been happening. Looking forward to a color tour in a few weeks on the bikes, will be awesome!
Life is Good (and as if it needed to get any better... hockey season is starting!!!!!!)

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