Sunday, March 4, 2012

So I started my Iknitarod 2012 project. What? You've never heard of this??
Over on Ravelry (online knitting and crocheting mecca) they have a Knit-Along called the Iknitarod 2012. Now if you've watched the news at all recently, you just may be able to put this together, if not let me spell it out for you.
The Iditarod (famous dog sled race through Alaska) is happening right now. If you replace the "d" in Iditarod with a "kn" you get Iknitarod, in which a bunch of crazy knitters get together and knit while the mushers mush.
From the first "MUSH" (or whatever they yell to get the dogs going), until the Red Lantern goes out (last musher crosses the finish line) we will be rooting them on with our marathon knitting session.
But... I'm not getting much knitting done right now am I? Nope, better get at it (but I did do some last night, see?)

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