Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sleep - It's Overrated!

So as I'm sitting here, waiting for sleep to wrap it's arms around me, I'm trying to reason this out.
The whole menopause thing in not such a bad deal once you get past the blazing fires of hell and the mood swings that leave you catapulting between Saturn and its Moons.
But the insomnia? That's a deal breaker!

It's 4:30 oclock in the morning. And I've been awake since 12:30, previously having been sleeping since 10. That's 2.5 hours. That's not enough. For anyone!

But there are some good points to this Eyeballs Won't Stay Closed thing. Let's explore them, shall we?
1. The house is quiet and I can hear the wind chimes on the front porch (which are clanking together pretty hard due to the gale force winds that are currently shaking my little world).
2. My internet service (satellite, because even if I had a million dollars a month to spend on internet, satellite is still all I could get) is at it's premium speed with no bandwidth limit.
3. Hello Netflix!
4. Even though the internet speed is at it's premium, the dish is hanging on for dear life out in the gale force winds that the wind chimes are currently singing about.
5. This makes for spotty internet.
6. I guess I could read.
7. Or play with the puppy.
8. But that would make noise, which would not make for a happy hubby.
9. Ugh!
10 I know, I will make lists! I love to make lists. Do it all the time. And dream of all the things that will get done once I put down my pencil and actually get up to do something!
11. I could go downstairs and try to clean something, but face it, unless you're one of those organizational wizard types, that's not  a lot of fun.
12. I could also play on Facebook. Oh, wait, already did that; bored.
13. I could read, or
14. I could put a couple more pieces of dead tree into the wood stove, call it good and crawl back into bed.
Ding, ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

Night all...

Life is good (mostly during the day, but unlimited internet rocks pretty high on the list too).


Anonymous said...

go with either #6 or #13. I can't decide...

...from Anonymous. Probably because I didn't want to fill out all the stuff to convince the computer who I am. Anonymously Alaskan.

Life is Good :)

Michael Schwartz said...

Use my SleepQ app for iPhone!