Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hard To Be Optimistic...

When stuff around me keeps going downhill.

Take the aliens. They were supposed to show up on 10.14. I was kind of counting on it, actually planned for it, had the tailgate invites all sent out, potato salad was chilling.... I was ready. Apparently they weren't.

Aliens are inconsiderate like that. If they're going to announce their presence or upcoming presence, I really think they need to take some consideration into our space and time conundrums. I get that their space and time stuff is probably different than ours, but seriously, I was counting on it. And being of a lower race than them, it's really their responsibility. You know, ball in their court kind of thing that they make sure their presence, or upcoming presence is in a time frame that we lower beings can understand. Unless they want to get shot with our bb guns.

Just sayin'......

More leaves have vacated the upper levels of the ecosystem we like to call "the woods". I really can't believe that in all of these years they haven't gotten the clue that when they fall to the ground, it's gonna get cold.

leaves fall.... cold comes. It's an every year thing. Without fail. The leaves come down, then the snow comes down.

Hmmm. Maybe there's a connection to the aliens there. Maybe they're waiting for the leaves to fall. Maybe their engines, having come from a leaf-less world, are incapable of being bombarded by a falling leaf. Yeah, that's got to be it. It's the leafless world phenomenon.

The acai berry diet probably had them scared off also. I'd be scared if I weren't from this world and just on the skeptical side of such things. Being really thin, the aliens are really (I'm guessing here) trying to avoid any further weight loss. I mean, seriously, have you seen them? They're skinny! And green!

I'm going to recommend a more rabbit friendly diet when they do show up. After counseling them on the proper etiquette of showing up when they say they're coming that is.


Anonymous said...

Umm.. The aliens are offended that you think they're green. They're actually grey.

Anonymous said...

im going to recomend that u see a therapist. mom seriously they are gonna take you away