Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Canning and Sinks

I think I'm gonna keep the $200+ version of the sink. See previous post about black sink vs white sink. Sink with all of the holes I need vs sink without holes. Deep deep sink vs shallow sink. Brand new shiny black cast iron sink vs old farmhouse, full of character, white porcelain sink. Yeah, the new, black one won. It was a close race though, the only thing that tipped it was last night, cleaning up after my Canning of the Chicken Soup escapade I was paying attention. I really really like my current sink, which is flimsy but very deep (and leaks, Badly.) I really feel that the deeper sink is what I need for what I do in my kitchen.
I wish it could be reported that I chose the more economical of the two (white porcelain, old farmhouse, with drain ridges on either side, full of character sink that is out back behind the garage) but this time, new, it had to be. The picture was pretty much what the old farmhouse type of sink looks like, although not nearly in a good of condition, it's scratched and dinged, more character right? But... it doesn't have enough holes and it's too shallow.
Was a tough race. A bit too much for a Monday, but there you have it. Efficiency was chosen over character, looks and availability. It wasn't a proud choice either, being very homestead-y, use what we have before buying new, type of person.
But enough about that.

Still working on my knitted pumpkin colored shrug. When I'm near it, I never have my camera. When I have my camera I'm not near my shrug, so you don't get to see a picture of it yet. The lace pattern is complete, now for the 9 miles of stockinette stitch. UGH!!

Yesterday afternoon, my knitting guild met and we decided to do a "round the world sock" thing (technical term). You start a pair of socks and knit 2 inches on each sock. Then you pass it off to the next person who does their 2" and then it gets passed on again. In the meantime another person who started a pair of socks and did their 2" thing passes it on to me. In then end, everyone has a pair of socks that everyone else has knitted on. No rules. use sock yarn scraps in any color, knit any design wether it be stockinette or lace or cables or..... no rules. I want to use beads, we'll see.
That I will post a picture of, every now and then.

Weather is getting weird, it's warm. When I was little (a looooonnnnnngggggg time ago) January meant a month of below 0 temps and the famous "January Thaw" meant a few days or a week of above zero temps. Not so much anymore. We're actually supposed to get rain and 40+ degrees by the weekend. This. Will. Cause. A. Mess!
(What happens to water when it hits a frozen surface....) Yup! Slippery, slidey ice!
But beyone that... January + Northern Michigan does not equal 40+ degrees!
I don't blame it on Global Warming, I blame it on cyclical weather patterns. We also used to get tons of snow. Like more than feet, yards! We used to have no 1st floor on the house as it was covered in snow. We used to have to tunnel out. It was great! (I love snow). Not so much anymore :-( Sadness.

So, let's see..... Homesteading. Check........ Knitting. Check........... Weather. Check!
Got it!
Tonight is another knitting club. Normally during the winter when I have to drive my truck over there (as opposed to riding my bike) I would take my wheel and spin, but I really want to get this shrug done and get my 2" sock thing done, so knitting it will be.

Oh, I also decided to get some pigs in the spring. Fence off the garden area, let them till it up really good to get rid of the ragweed and bindweed, and then my garden will be better. This summer I will plant my garden in a different area.

Have a good one!
Life is Good!!

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