Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Blame It On Mother Nature

Yeah, she's the one to blame for this deep freeze I currently find myself in.
Don't get me wrong, I love winter and I love the snow, but seriously?

Snow can live at temps above 0, just saying! Snow can even live at temps above 32 (I've seen it, don't go there). But the absolute best temps for snow to live is about 20. With bright sun. Those are the best days for things like skiing and ice fishing. Throw in a few grandkids and life doesn't get much better (except on my bike, but since January and motorcycling don't mix up here that's not a current possibility).

But, alas, since we have soooooo much cold and sooooooo few snowflakes, really, we have less than a foot, which at this point in the year is just ridiculous, I am forced to complain about the weather.

I want snow! And lots of it. Me and the Bu-Dawgh love to take long walks in the woods in the deep snow. Ok, he likes to take long runs - he thinks he's a sled dog, I just try to hang on and not get my snowshoes hung up in the branches... but I digress...

And it's even cold in here! Yeah, the woodstove is going, but it hasn't reached my frozen toes yet. And, yes, I do have my hand knit slippers on TYVM!!

On the agenda for today after work is my Wednesday night sewing group in which most of us knit. At first I was all "I'm not knitting during the sewing group, I don't have enough sewing time as it is, so I will sew". Until I ran into a project that must be completed and ready to wear tomorrow! So, tonight at my sewing group, I will knit (and drink lots of hot cocoa with (insert choice of alcohol here) in it.

Nothing much homestead-y going on. The chickens are insisting that their job of laying eggs will go on until the end of time. I'm not complaining, I'm just waiting for the bottom to drop out. It will. Just no clue when. Thinking of getting more chickens this spring. Well, of course we'll get the roasting chix, but maybe a few more laying hens. (because 12 isn't enough for a family of 2), but more like they are so cute when they are little. Turkeys too, going to get turkeys again, cause they so AREN'T cute when they're little, but they grow up to be fairly tasty, and they're stupid hilarious!

Might try to fix the ground fault outlet in my bathroom today. Stay tuned, this could get fun. Still have to figure out what to do with the sink that is currently residing in my living room. I would love it if someone would raise their hand and say, "Hey, I'll put that sink in for you" (and install the garbage disposal - which hubby decided was necessary, and completely redo the plumbing....).... Anyone? I thought not... Oh well..

So with all of that jabber now in your head, I'll leave you. Because I should probably get to work, or something like that.

And I have no idea what's going on with my avatar, it should be a picture in a ski scene....

Life is Good!

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