Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still In A Holding Pattern

Winter is like that though, in a holding pattern, seems like it goes on forever, but it's really only 2 or 3 months that we're in a deep freeze.
My knitting is coming along although it's same old, same old. Still working on the 9 Miles of Stockinette Shrug. It is in 2 halves. 1 half is done and the other is probably 1/2 done, so I guess that makes it 3/4 done.
Also working on some Travelling Socks, or Around The World Socks. You knit 2" on a sock and then pass it on to the next person who either passes theirs on to you or passes you hers. You're all working on socks and everyone will have a pair of socks that everyone else has worked on when they're done.
Awesome way to use up the stash.

The chickens are STILL laying massive amounts of eggs. I'm giving this victory to the light I hung in the coop. You know to extend the day? I never plugged it in, but it's there. There's a light in the coop so the chickens keep laying. I know this will all come crashing down around me, but for now my 12 hens are producing an average of 9-10 eggs a day. I'll take it!

Started another sweater/sweatshirt. It's actually a heavily patterned (read "gorgeous") sweater in denim yarn. This yarn is amazing. When done it truly feels, and wears like a sweatshirt. And no babying this baby! When it needs to be washed, you throw it in the washer (and dryer, if you're so inclined) just as you would a pair of jeans. It fades a bit around the raised edges, and looks very cool.

Still working on my Wolf Song quilt pattern, which doesn't really resemble wolves so much as deer and elk in the winter, with a log cabin scene. In flannel. Combined with my fleece sheets, no more cold toes for this girl!

Tonight, vegetable beef soup on the woodstove and more knitting and quilting. And look! It has started to snow a bit outside. YAY!!!

Life is good....

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