Monday, November 10, 2008

And It Snows And Snows

Which in itself is all good. It's November, we expect that. But, what I have a hard time with is that it didn't stick. The snow, that is. It all went away. It snowed all weekend, like I knew it would, you can look at the sky and see that the snow just wants to come down. But, the ground isn't all frozen yet, so the snow goes away.

Some people think that the snow going away thing is good. Me, not so much. I like the snow.

But, it will come, and it will stay and then I'll be ok.

So, this weekend totally rocked! ALL DAY SATURDAY I GOT TO KNIT!! Should I say that again, or did you get it?
All day! From Saturday at about 9:30 am when I planted my butt firmly in the yarn shop and sat there, until about 5 pm when the shop closed and I found myself home again. Hubby was going to be gone that night, so I didn't have to do anything except feed myself and my critters. 6 oclock rolls around, myself is fed, my critters are fed and the game starts. So, from 6pm until the game is over, roughly 10 pm, I knit.
That translates into ALL DAY SATURDAY I GOT TO KNIT! This is huge, it's great, and sooooo very relaxing. And, we won the game, another plus!
Sunday, with all that relaxation on top of me I actually did get stuff accomplished. Check out this list!!
1. Calf pen cleaned out
2. Horse pasture bulldozed out.
3. Feeders and waterers for both of the above cleaned out and ready for the onslaught of the freezing temps.
4. Barn cleaned out.
5. Firewood stacked.
6. Roof ridge cap put on and secured down.
7. Batch of home growed, home made Turkey soup done, and flower pot rolls to go with!
8. Deck cleaned off (part of it).
9. Lumber for winter and summer projects stacked in the barn.
1o. Various hot spots in the house cleaned up.
11. Laundry done (couldn't hang it out, it was snowing, so had to use the dryer, that scores me some minus points, but it's done, ok??)
12. I got to sit and knit some more!

Very productive and relaxing weekend!

And now it's Monday and I have a major project to figure out, or, I have it pretty much figured out, now I have to detail the details!

Good times!

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