Monday, November 17, 2008

Knit Like A Ninja Day!

So, yesterday was Knit Like A Ninja Day.

It was fun, and I stealthily knit, most of the day, well, when I wasn't doing laundry, dishes, making cookies and dinner, sweeping floors and putting screens away. Yes, I finally got the screens put away.

So, what did my little stealthy knit-a-long produce? This:

A miniature Christmas stocking to send to my son who is in Iraq. I'm making another one too, for his roommate, that one's not quite done. It was a fun knit, all in my own hand spun yarn. I know it looks a bit funky, hasn't been washed or blocked yet, it was Knit Like A Ninja Day, not Finish Your Knitting Like A Ninja Day. Geez!

And now, for the question that everyone has been asking.... where was I? Where did I do all of this Ninja knitting? What? You didn't see me? Guess I was pretty good eh? Was I in hubby's deer blind (it's heated, it's doable)? Was I out in the barn (not likely, we now have snow on the ground, and that means mittens or gloves and that's kind of non-conducive to knitting), or was I, in fact, sitting right in the living room watching the last Nascar race of the season? I'll never tell! I'll give you a clue, if you've been in my house, you know the picture was taken on the bathroom floor, but that's not where I was! (rules out the bathtub!).
And, that's all I got fer ya today, I was so busy Ninja-ing yesterday, that i really didn't do much else, except the screens, and it's about time! We now officially have snow on the ground.

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