Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Space-Time Continuum

Let me explain the space-time continuum thing for those of you less, well, knowledgeable of such things.

In any given moment, there can only be so much matter occupying a certain amount of space. If you wish to change this, you have to move stuff, or delete stuff so you can add more stuff. And this all takes time. See? Physics is easy!

Here's the equation:

A certain amount of Matter A has to be moved to the Matter B area to clear up enough space so that Matter C doesn't have a meltdown and totally affect the Matter D area. This all requires a certain amount of time to produce.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Now, how this relates to real life, I really don't get other than that I need to figure out how to move some stuff out of the A drawer so that stuff in the B drawer will fit, and this needs to be done soon. Either that or my brain is gonna get all filled up and Matter C is gonna have that meltdown.

So, back to deleting stuff so more stuff can be added. Let's see, what can be deleted. Oh, oh, oh, here's one. The very first phone number we ever had (from when I was like, 10 - shortly after Alex invented the phone). This is the stuff I really don't need to hang on to. Or the fact that on a cold February day sometime in 1960's I finally got the Partridge Family album I couldn't live without.

Here's one, how about the time I climbed the tree with my guitar so I could sing in the moonlight. Yeah, that one can definitely go!

I'm pretty sure I'll never need any of those. And if I looked even further, I'm sure I could find lots of stuff, and even more pieces of long forgotten stuff that I could get rid of. Think of all the space I could recover. Sort of like defragging the hard drive, only selectively, like I would totally choose to keep the images I have in my brain of watching my little brother get run over in the driveway, that particular film clip could have useful black mail tags some day.

Ok, say I've gotten rid of a bunch of old dead stuff I no longer need. And I now have the brain power of a rocket scientist (for you, baby bro, who got run over, who hasn't heard the end of it yet); what am I gonna do with all of this extra space?

For one, I maybe could remember what I did with my socks that I had in my hand not 3 minutes ago. They have to be in the house somewhere, I didn't go out to the barn yet, although finding them out there would not surprise me in the least.

I don't have to worry about losing my keys, one of the perks of being married to the best mechanic in 3 states, is that my vehicles have multiple ways of being started, and I'm good at all of them. I totally excel in rain dances!

Remembering that I left the water on out in the barn might be a helpful thing, well, at least the water troughs have been thoroughly washed out.

Remembering the number of stitches I cast on for the sleeves in my latest creation, or how about this: remembering to write down the number of stitches I cast on....

Remembering to look at my list of stuff to do would be good too, that would eliminate a lot of remembering in itself.

So, now that I have the problem isolated I can work on the solution.

I'll get back to you on that one. It's probably gonna require some sleep, which I seem to have forgotten how to do also.


Anonymous said...

You don't even lock your doors up there because there's nothing to steal in your vehicles. Oh btw, John may claim that he's a rocket scientist but he really isn't one.

Vern said...

Maybe if you got rid of one or two or possibly three of your brothers you might be able to remeber that the water is running in the barn because you realized you lost your socks and your keys somewhere near a tracter and a chicken (I thought I woud narrow your search!)...Just a thought

Arctic Rufus said...

How about the image of when you got pulled over and got a speeding ticket while driving a real ugly gold AMC Gremlin. You can probably delete that one. Might free up enough RAM to figure out Excel formulas.