Friday, November 14, 2008

Your Regularly Scheduled Friday Report

Today's report comes to you from the rainy wilds of N. Mich, where this reporter finds herself, once again, unable to sleep, and in which case, this is the case, may just as well regale you with the super duper interesting facts of her life!

As I was reading my email this morning, I came across something that I've been meaning to do for awhile now, and think I'm going to try. It's called the Dark Days Eat Local Challenge. Begins 11.15 and runs until 3.15 (of 09, sometimes my time warp abilities are capable of running backwards, this time, not so much).
Basically, what you try to do is as much as possible, eat locally grown or produced foods, from within a 100 mile radius. Should be easy in tropical N. Mich through the winter, eh? This losing weight thing keeps getting easier!
Anyway, if it's something you're interested in, go here for a look:

Aside from my inside designer lettuce collection, it could get interesting. Oh, once a month or so I get a tomato from my hanging plants in the living room. That should spice things up a bit.
The challenge here is gonna be first thing in the morning with the go juice. Coffee. Gotta have coffee. Gotta.
Excuse me while I go research how to grow a coffee tree, (or bush or whatever), in Michigan. I can promise you this, I won't resort to birch bark tea, yeah, ok the Indians used it to get rid of headaches, and if you've ever tasted it you'll know why. Just sayin', there's no danger of losing me to that stuff. Don't ask me how i know.
And, with the current state of financial affairs, those of us needing less than a million, trillion in bailouts, will probably not get their money, and eating locally may be the only way to go.

Now, our reporter rambles over to the coffee pot, I mean the calendar and discovers that this Saturday, the 15th of Nov. is the opening day of deer season. Actually I did know this, it's a sacred ritual not only in this household, but in all of N. Mich.

You know what I need? Slippers. Yeah, I want slippers for Christmas.

Where was I? I have no idea, oh yeah, deer season.

Here are the basic rules, as applies to this household.
Beginning 11.1 and pretty much continuing until the end of the year, outside chores are to be done either after the hunter leaves for work in the morning, or after dark at night. If you must be outside during hunting season, you will walk as swiftly and quietly between the house and the vehicle as possible, making no noise whatsoever. No breathing is allowed. This does not apply to the hunter, only the hunter's family.
If you get up before the hunter, you are allowed to turn on outside lights, so the deer can't see in, but you can't turn on inside lights, we don't want stalker deer now do we?
No baiting is allowed anymore, although this is fairly ridiculous. I totally get the concern about wasting disease and tb spreading, but some of us have real critters, who still like to be fed. It kind of defeats the purpose to feed the livestock only to have the deer come to them to get food, rather than keep the deer out in the woods.
Going outside to get wood for the stove is permissible, only if the inside temps have dropped to 40 or below and you can see your breath. And only then if you can do it without any stalker deer spotting you.
TVs must be turned down and all inside noises must be kept to a minimum.
Any 2 or 4 legged critter caught out where they're not supposed to be (um, Bu-Dawgh?) will be shot on sight.

Now about those slippers....

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