Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Egg Is Hatched!

With the demise of both trucks, repairs on The Egg (Geo Metro) were hastened along. I suppose at some time, in someone's warped frame of mind, it may have been considered cute. Attractive. The ugliest thing on earth. Sorry I got nothin fer ya. While it appears to be a reliable mode of transport and proposes to get 45-50 mpg, it's not much to look at. Seriously, it's ugly. But don't tell it I said that! It's soooo not a truck. I've driven a truck forever, even going so far as to consider myself a truck kind of gal, give me a full size 4x4 over this any day. Except for the gas mileage thing and that it runs when my other truck doesn't has to be considered I guess.

So here we find ourselves with a dilemma. My mode of transportation has always been a 4x4 in the winter and as of last year, a motorcycle in spring, summer and fall.

I'm all about the image here. A Gretchen Wilson kind of bad girl who spends off hours "slingin, a little mud in her 4 wheel drive." It's hard to maintain that image in The Egg.

But it runs, and my truck doesn't, and its still a bit early to ride my bike. Still makin' ice at night so mornings are a bit chilly. And the rainy season and mud and all.... But next week! the Honda Magna 500 will ride again (seriously needs a better name than that - anyone?). And I'll be able to once again boast 50 mpg, this time in style.

First game of the playoffs tonight, if you wanna stop by, the beer is chilled and ready. I even rescheduled knit nite so I could watch. I'd hate to be the reason my Red Wings lost the first game! Maybe I can get M to bring her world famous Make Your Ears Water Salsa. Yum!

Go Wings!

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Anonymous said...

If you afraid of what kind of image you driving an egg would be, maybe you should move out here to CA. We have 4X4's running around that haven't seen dirt or mud on it's tires. It's a real shame.

IT'S A CAR, it gets you from point a to point b and sometimes to point c if you're nice to it.

A name for your bike, give me a few days...

I thought your eggs hatched. I got all excited and was hoping to see some pics. LOL. At this rate, my eggs will hatch before yours do. I've got 7 days left! Can't wait. I've got a problem though. Lola stop sitting on her eggs. I guess she got bored. Maybe Frannie will pick up where she left off.