Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good Intentions

I really did intend to get out of bed early. I really did intend to go to bed AFTER the game. It was a good game, really, what I saw of it. See this is what happened. After it was apparant that The Project That Must Be Completed Today was not gonna happen in the normal 9-5 time span, I put the petal to the metal, such that it was, and got it done, but not in the normal time span. This put me behind in everything else that happens in its own normal time span. Barn chores were not completed on time, household stuff really didn't happen at all and dinner was not to be. So hubby, being of the sweet and understanding variety (once in awhile) decided to take care of dinner. At the Local Watering Hole. Wednesday being Wednesday and also being Taco Night at said Local Watering Hole.

Before I continue, a digression is a must in that the Local Watering Hole offers a discount on drinks when a local team is playing and I refer you back to the above mentioned game. A discount on drinks takes priority above household chores, especially when you combine Taco Night and a big screen TV to view the game on.

Game not going quite as well as one would hope. Goalie pulled and another put in, game switches around and by the time we left the discount drink place, I forgot about the game, forgot about my later to bed intentions and forgot about my early to rise intentions. (we lost btw)

The Mouth made some sort of comment about whether or not this was gonna be a regular Wednesday night thing - apparantly this has happened before, and then also saw fit to make a comment on yesterday's blog about my talking to snowbanks.

Talking to snowbanks is an art form, and also requires a vigorous imagination. But, that didn't get done either. There is still but about a 60' swath of snow and ice that remains to melt before I dare ride my bike. Did I mention what happened last time I rode in the snow? Well, suffice to say I found out that I could indeed pick up my bike all by myself. Tonight, the Counseling of the Snowbanks will take place! It will! I promise. Anyone who wants to drop by to watch can come by after the game.

So, to summarize, major project did get done, chores were late, household chores and dinner went undone, drinking ensued as did burning holes in my esophagus with hot sauce and tacos, snowbanks went un-counseled and the game went unwatched, which we lost, most likely because I didn't watch past the first period and cheer them on. However, I'll redeem myself tonight and watch the next game.

1st round of baby birds are scheduled to hatch on or around tomorrow, then a steady hatching should take place every day or so from tomorrow (on or about) on. Turkey egg count is at 10! Yay!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that there are other inanimate objects that you verbalize to. Speaking of verbalizing... Have your babies started yet? Aren't they suppose to be piping tonite or tomorrow?

ter said...

tomorrow is the official hatch date, but on or about tomorrow is actually more accurate for me. I heard them in their shells last night, so anytime now. I have 4 scheduled for tomorrow and then anywhere from 2 or 3 on from then.
Heard small itty bitty cheeps early this morning but it was coming from the song birds outside, not in the incubator.

Anonymous said...

can't we just refer to the local watering hole as the bar. why do you feel the need to sound like a redneck.

I dont want to hear anything about me spending to much time and money at the bar. you and your hubby have spent more time there than me.

ter said...

And The Mouth Speaks!!