Monday, April 7, 2008

No babies yet, this isn't unusual, after all, we did end up w 5 kids so counting dates doesn't appear to be one of my strengths. I candled the 4 that were to have hatched on the 4th and none of them were good. I 'spect freezing temps before I found them. Tonight I'll look at the 4.5 dated eggs, at least the dogs are eating good!

I did have a bit of a 'venture' as my 10 y/o granddaughter used to say. We planned to go to the lys on Saturday morning. So put gas in The Truck (always a fun thing to spend money on gas when you'd rather spend money on yarn.) Picked up J who at the time, unconsciencely agreed to be my sidekick in this little 'venture'. After a stop at the coffee shop to get all properly sugared and caffieneated, We happily trekked down the road.

Allow me set the scene. It was a beautiful day, bright sun, we had our sugar and caffeine, and of course we had our knitting, because seriously, who goes anywhere with out at least a week's worth of knitting to keep them busy? Got to LYS (local yarn store), hung out there and shopped and knitted most of the day, went to KFC for a late lunch and headed home. Now when I say local, this LYS is actually in a town or two away anywhere from 40 to 1000 miles depending on how well The Truck was running. Which it did fine, until about 10 miles from home. Happily chatting away, J was knitting and I was driving when it occured to us that The Truck seemed to have joined the conversation. Happily chattering and clanking while we were chatting.

Noone invited the truck into the conversation, but there he/she was, being all boisterous and everything, clearly trying to be the life of the party. What was in that gas anyway? When it became apparant that The Truck was seriously trying to get someone's attention, we decided to pull over and give it the talking to that it deserved. Trying to interfere with our party and all. After all, as far as I know, The Truck doesn't even know how to knit! The Truck was not pleased at all with my tone as it immediately began to spew steam/smoke from under the hood. Clearly a temper tantrum, anyone could see that. Oh yeah, it banged really loud too. Just like a 3 yr old. This might seem like a catastrophe but it wasn't and I refer you back to the beautiful day... thing above. And we had enough knitting to last at least a week.

Made a few calls, and sat back to knit, enjoy the sun and balmy breeze and wait to be rescued. Sometimes being female does have its advantages. As does living in a small town and knowing every wrecker driver in said small town.

So to make a long story short..what's that? Too late? Oh, yeah sorry, but I'm almost done.

Now where was I? O yeah, flatbed came, The Truck got loaded on the back of the flatbed, with us and all of our knitting necessities loaded into the front of the flatbed.

Dropped J off and took me and the truck home. I'm blaming this whole fiasco on J because as she was laughing and telling me about all the problems she's had with blue vehicles, I looked out the windshield at the hood of The Truck and noticed it happened to be blue. It also happened to match the rest of the truck. Thank goodness the wrecker was green!

Follow up: The Truck is ok. Radiator plug fell out and it got hot but hubby (who is actually qualified to make these statements) said I didn't blow it up. Very good thing as its not really my Truck but belongs to the youngest child.

On the up side: I scored the pattern I had been searching for. The Wonderful Wallaby by Cottage Creations. Yay!!

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Anonymous said...

Laughing is better than crying you know and I am very happy the truck did not blow up. Or whatever trucks do when they are not willing to work anymore, ever. J