Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In Which The Mouth Is Roused Out Of Bed At The Crack Of 6:15 AM!

13 turkey eggs so far. And no chickie babies. Broke open the two eggs dated for the 5th and nothing. I know that Tom Tom and Mr. Rooster are doing their jobs so it just must have been too early, and too cold.

I think I live in a reverse universe. Well, those of you who know me would pretty much bet on it. Take cups for example. The kind that you drink out of, dip chili with, scoop out dog food or chicken scratch....you know, cups. There exists in this house a finite number of cups, usually scattered all over but they all fit in one cupboard. When they're all clean. At the same time.

I know they fit, I personally fitted them. It's a tight fit but doable. So when one breaks, or moves to the barn or gets relegated to the truck, the others breathe a sigh of relief. We can spread out now, not so cramped, handle room, and other stuff that cups are capable of rationalizing. But no matter how many cups are removed there isn't any more room. I used to think that when the kids were all gone (which hasn't happened yet, btw) that I could get rid of all those ugly plastic cups and keep the pretty glass and stoneware items. Well the ugly plastic is gone but there isn't any more room up there than there ever was. One of the great mysteries if this reverse universe.

Probably has something to do with The Oldest, who owns and operates a resale shop and who regularly aquires more and more items in my stoneware pattern. I have a nice little collection now, but I can't stop. It's an addiction. Garage sales are bad too, my stoneware pattern (Pfaltzgraff, Yorktowne) was very popular in the day and now seems to be turning up at more and more auctions, garage sales, and resale shops. Just enough at a time to keep fueling my addiction.

So on the knitting shelf, we're still working on the Granddaughter's sweater. This is a birthday present, she was 10, 2 days ago. The sweater is an easy knit, just a simple cable design, pretty much mindless, and the color is good, and the yarn is ok too, but time has been playing hide and seek with me. Hockey season, also known as knitting season is almost over. Longer days mean more time in the homesteading realm. I really need to find a job that pays just as well, or better, but doesn't require a 8 hour commitment every day.

In the homesteading realm, tonight we are fixing fences, cleaning out the pasture, and grooming all of the winter out of the horses. Fences need to be fixed. We had a rodeo yesterday, in which The Mouth and I participated in rounding up our horses from all over the neighborhood (square miles...) early in the morning. It was a beautiful morning, really, at 6:15 AM, a cup of coffee would have topped it off nicely, but it was not to be. One doesn't waste time when one discovers that the horses have escaped. Not even for coffee. There is one plus though, The Mouth doesn't object in the slightest to being roused out of bed at the crack of 6:15 to go chase horses. I have to figure out how to apply this to waking her up for school, or work.... she's ahead of me on this one. There's probably that tone of voice again that says, "Now, Horses, Out" verses "Now, school, work, out of bed".

I'll work on it.


Anonymous said...

My cupboard is full of mugs also. I've recently added a nice soup mug to the collection. Maybe when you're out here in Oct you can bring some home.

When did Blondie own her own shop?

On my homestead front, I shoveled up Seth's "rocks" and threw them in trash. His rock collection has been getting huge, a bucket's worth. I'm thinking that he doesn't miss them at all.

cat said...

You can bring your bucket out here, every spring we have lots and lots and lots and lots of rocks to pick.

Anonymous said...

I figured the quicker I get up the less distance I have to go to get them, and the less distance I have to walk them back. It is purely for laziness reasons.