Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Stove!!!

OMG! I am soooo geeked! Ok slow down and breathe. A bit of history first. When we first built our cabin, I looked and looked for an old cast iron wood cook stove/oven that had been converted to electric for my kitchen. Couldn't find anything affordable, for some reason the people who come up with these ridiculous county codes thought a roof was more important!
Anyway, couldn't find anything that I could afford!

Yesterday, our oldest, who owns and operates a resale shop called me and told me she got one come in to the store and I could have it for 75.00!! I was sooooo all over it. Gave her the money immediately, and loaded it right from the truck it came in on to hubbys truck.

So, last night I went on the internet to find out what I could find out about this particular model (Hasty Baker 1864) and found a picture of one that had been restored. This picture could have been taken in my kitchen. There were vertical log beams, the light fixtures were the same as mine and even my dish pattern decorated the kitchen. It was meant to be! (in my kitchen!) Starting this weekend, I'll tear it apart. Needs to be sandblasted and repainted. Electrical needs to be fixed. We can do all of that! See - self sufficiency does save money! Can't even imagine what it would cost to have someone else restore it.

I'm so excited I can't even think! That, by the way, is why I DON'T like to go into her store, she has soooo many cool things. Our cabin is like a rustic up north hunting cabin, and stuff that people drag to a resale shop is just the kind of stuff I decorate with! You know, pine cones, antlers, old rusty light fixtures, homemade stuff..... Aaaaaaaaaaaa (scream)!! I am soooo excited. Did you get that? Should I say it again? I'm sooooo excited!

(obligatory picture:)

Ok, I'm better, I promise.

As promised I took a new picture for this blog, as well as pictures of LIG, my Bu-Dawgh, Mystery (one of the barn cats), a turkey and of course my newest aquisition MY STOVE!!!
So here are some of them, I won't label them, cause if you don't know the difference between a Bu-Dawgh and barn cat and turkey, labels won't help!


Anonymous said...

Cool. I wish I could get that excited over a stove.

The cat looks annoyed that you took it's picture. I think Dean should use it for target practice.

Pam said...

Help! I too own a Hasty Baker and I love it. We recently remodeled our whole kitchen to fit this in and now my oven died. Needless to say my husband is less than pleased with me (he thinks the stove is stupid).I went through a 2 year fight with my ex to get this thing back (that I had bought on my own)and hence why my husband hates it. Anyway I have been through 2 appliance guys and they can't help me till I can find the model number,can you see if you model number is readable for me. It is in the upper right where you turn the exhaust is. If you could help I will be forever grateful.
Thanks so much

Ter - N. MI said...

Ok, I hope you get this. You didn't leave any contact info, so...
I tried to look at the model numbers, they are rusty and scraped off, but this is what I got:
there was also a form-0 (zero or oh, I'm not sure, sorry), and also the numbers 968

Hope that helps, there was more that I absolutely couldn't read no matter what we did.

Ter - N. MI said...

Oh, Pam. My model number plate was in a different spot, it was under the right hand side back burner.

Anonymous said...

Hi there... I came across you blog as I was searching for hasty baker. Me and my wife just bought the exact same one which will be in need of similar restoration. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of where I might find more parts?
Thanks so much
Greg and Karen

Ter - N. MI said...

Hi Greg and Karen
I'm sorry, I can't. I haven't even started to get mine fixed up yet, so I'll either be looking for a kit of some sort or trying to cobble it from what we have.
If you come across anything, I'd love to know about it.