Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From Point A To Point B

Going from point a to point b in style. Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about. Beautiful morning, The Bike started right up, ride to work was wonderful! Early morning haze from the dew and the woodsmoke, I saw deer, turkeys, even a coyote. Stuff I see everyday anyway, but on a bike it's more noticeable. (Reading between the lines.... you need to watch out for this stuff, it hurts a lot more to hit such a critter on a bike than it would in my truck, or even probably in my egg).

Went for a ride last night when I got home and hubby ditched his (well, it's really my old bike). Hee heeee. Seems there was still some ice under the hay in front of the barn and when he rode across it, well, lets just say that the old bike isn't well suited to riding on ice. (The new Bike has already been snow and ice tested, we don't ride on ice anymore) He's alright, no problems, he's good that way, an inborn survival instinct as it was. So he's got that out of the way for the year.

The Bike still doesn't have a name although I've got some in mind, one that's working it's way to the front especially after my totally awesome ride to work this morning. But I'll leave you hanging on that one, until after I decide. Submissions are still welcome, so let me have them!

2 more turkey eggs last night, the count is now 30. I had to throw one away, it was clearly not good. They take 28 days to incubate so quite soon, I should have baby gobblers. It's also chick days at the local Tractor Supply store, and although I told myself I wouldn't need to buy any, I probably still will, just cause. I love baby birdies! And one of the gals at work gave me a coupon for a free chick waterer if I buy 6 birdies. So, I'll have to buy at least 6.

Last night was Bu-Dawgh's first night without any roommates. The Mouth and her Puffy (Puff-a-Fluff... aka.. Dawson... aka... Fins) moved out yesterday. Everyone together, "Awwwwww, poor Bu-Dawgh". See he used to sleep in The Mouth's room with her and Puffy but he was alone. It was traumatic, and then leaving him alone all day by himself today, with no one to entertain him but the chickens, turkeys and barn cats, and a big old bone. Again... "Awwwwww, poor Bu-Dawgh"!

As I posted before, the 120 days ago sweater is done, actually has been for awhile now, and this morning will be delivered to it's rightful recipient. Blondie has been after me to get this done for at least 120 days so she better like it and it better fit. I had some minor modifications to do on it but it fit The Mouth, so it should fit Blondie.

No, I didn't get the deck cleaned off last night, nor did I get any more seeds started, it's all about The Bike this time of year, and when I got home and went to the barn to do chores, there it was all hooked up to the battery charger and everything taunting at me. Seriously, it was being such a pest that I decided to take it out for a ride just to shut it up! Yeah, that's it, I did it for The Bike. And again, The Bike needs a name. So The Bike got it's annual First Ride Of The Season out of the way and is much happier, and then The Mouth decided it was time to move over to her other residence, so not much else happened. Tonight I expect that The Bike will have some say over my schedule again, although it being Taco Night at the Local Watering Hole, and also game 4 of the playoffs, The Bike might have to settle for what it gets tonight. Oh, yeah, Local Watering Hole has a big screen TV and if you remember from a previous post, drinks are on sale when a local team is playing. All this combines to make for taking The Bike to the bar not such a good idea, being of the age when Designated Drivers were first invented and all, a semi responsible sort to boot.

My Wings will rise victoriously tonigh, I know it, I can feel it, I'll be watching on a big screen tv with other Wing-Nuts and the beer is on sale. How could they lose???

Go Wings!!

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