Friday, April 18, 2008

What Was I Going To Say? Or The Memory Is Really Getting Bad!

So, last night I'm on my way to the barn to get the curry comb. Maybe that will help the Fluffy Puffy shed out faster. When I got there, I decided to rake more of the hay off the ice so it could melt. Noticed that the horses water trough needed to be topped off, decided to throw a couple of bales down from the hay loft so they'd be ready for me in the morning, and give the chix and turks an extra helping of scratch grains. And went back in the house. 1/2 hour or so later I remembered that I had forgotten to get the curry comb when I was out there, so I immediately went back out to the barn. You can guess where this is going. I noticed one of the turkeys wandering around out in the dark, so put it back in its pen and went back to the house. About 1/2 hour later.... yeah you guessed it. So I reminded myself all the way out to the barn that I needed the curry comb and actually got back to the house with curry comb in hand, only to lay it down to take off my muddy boots and forget that I needed it at all.


Brain Fog! It's a technical term. I'm convinced it's related to menopause, or too many pans on the stove, or the wheels on my bike are dirty, or there's too many bales of hay not stacked properly, or the fences need to be fixed, or having too much to do, or something, or maybe, since my brothers seem to suffer from it too, it's an ADHD type of thing. Ok, sorry, John, MOST of my brothers suffer from it, is that better? (he's actually about as bad as the rest of us, but he loves his world of denial, so we won't tell him, k?)

Brothers! Yeah, I need a few more of them!

Kind of like the time I was headed up the stairs to get something (or maybe I was headed down, I really don't remember) and got stopped or distracted (I really don't remember) halfway down (or up, I really don't remember). Then I didn't remember what I was after let alone if I was going up or down. Yup! You want to live in this confusion? Spend a day in my brain! Of course the happy pills help LOTS, when I remember to take them. But then I have a whole SLEW of people who are more than glad to remind me to take them.

I really need a new picture for this blog, it's not snowy anymore. One of these days I'll remember to take a new picture. Maybe this one will feature Bu-Dawgh. Or maybe not, it will probably depend on what I'm looking at when I have my camera with fresh batteries all at the same time when I remember to actually use it and take a picture! It's kind of like a suspense thing, you never know what you're gonna get until it's decided at the last moment.

I will ride my bike to work again today, it will be an awesome day. When I went out to do chores as I was climbing up the ladder into the hay loft (because I forgot that I threw down extra bales last night)and the sun was shining and it was probably 45-50 deg with no breeze to speak of, I knew it would be a bike day. My turkeys were barking and gobbling (yes, they really do bark) and were being answered by some wild and unseen turkeys (which was kinda cool - I'll have to remember to tell hubby tonight what direction they were answering from, if I can remember).

It's getting bad!

Tonight my Wings play again I know they will rise victoriously tonight. They have to, it's coming down to the line boys, are you reading this? You Must Win Tonight! There, I sealed it. It's a sure thing now.
There's a cold one in the fridge, so that's good. I have to remember to get something out for dinner before I leave. Yeah, that will happen, like I forget to bring lunch now almost every day for the last 17 years. Yeah, it's a fun trip inside this brain! If I start to argue with myself and there's not a clear winner in sight, please just return me to my rightful owner. He'll be ever so glad you did!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just felt like I went through a psychedelic trip. Even though I've never experimented with mind altering drugs.

ter said...

LOL, living in this family IS a mind altering drug!