Monday, June 2, 2008


Recently, a co-worker of mine decided she didn't want to have birthdays anymore.

Excuse me??? What's that about? I feel this is kind of selfish on her part. I mean, not only does she not get to indulge in our good natured birthday parties at work, but she's depriving us of a good natured birthday party. We're all about parties/food fests here at work. We have parties to celebrate the Summer Solstice, birthdays, all the holidays that we can think of (did you know that not only is there a St. Valentines Day in Feb, but toward the end there is also a red and pink food holiday). And there's also Leap Year, which we're never sure what year it is, so we celebrate that every year too. Hate to miss a party. We celebrate the sunshine and the thunderstorms. We celebrate the fact that Wednesday only comes once a week, as does Thursday. We celebrate the first snowfall of the season, as well as the 21st. We celebrate the 1st zucchini and tomatoes of the season. Basically, we don't need a reason. And our parties usually go the way of a Dish To Pass in some sort of theme. (They don't let me bring green marshmallow rice krispie treats for St. Pats day anymore though).

Once in awhile on a regular birthday, we'll order from one of the many restaurants in town, birthday girl's choice of course, and either have it delivered or have someone run in to get it.

Yes, we're all about the parties, here at work. So, when some selfish person decides not to have a birthday party, well you can just imagine the chaos that ensues. The wailing and gnashing of teeth, or gnashing and wailing of teeth is horrible. Torturous. Horrendous. And it gets ugly.

I'm sorry, YOU don't want a party on your birthday. Well, what about US????? We live for the parties and food fests, it's what gets us through the week. And, if there's no party or food fest scheduled, there is the problem of thinking ahead enough to realize that at lunch time, there will be hunger. So as if there's not enough to do in the morning with getting ready to go to work, there also has to be some pre-thought involved in deciding what to eat for lunch.

As women, we can handle it, we're capable, I Am Woman Hear Me Roar and all that stuff and as women there is dinner (or supper) to also think about. So, again, in the absence of a party/food fest there's just one more thing to deal with.

Nope, sorry, you'll have to get a whole lot older before we let you off the hook on a birthday party!!

Game 5 Tonight! Will we win???? Only the NHL knows.

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Anonymous said...

Umm... You're forgetting to celebrate that it's 5 o'clock somewhere!