Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I didn't walk this morning again. I'm starting to wonder if the Universe is against me. Having the Universe against you is generally not a good thing. I mean, yeah, I did ask for rain. My asparagus that didn't grow and that I got a refund for needs the rain. My rhubarb needs the rain. My tomatoes and peppers and cukes need the rain. My hay needs the rain. I, however, need the exercise of a daily commute (walk) to work.

After we played rodeo again yesterday afternoon (horses got out) I did the Circle The Fenceline thing. I think there was more fence down than there was up, so we spent a good portion of the night (rain, Pteradactyl sized mosquitos for company)refencing the pasture. This also gave me a chance to rearrange some of the fencing that I've been meaning to get to for the garden.

Had another egg hatch yesterday. Sooooo cute. But, of course only one. I have 3 others scheduled to hatch yesterday but so far nothing. So, I'll have to try to find a few more baby chix to keep this little buk buk company.

So, back to having the Universe at odds with what I want.... Guess we need to be more specific in what we want, such as specifying that it is perfectly fine to rain from 10 pm to maybe 4 am. That will get us the rain we need as well as give me the outside time that I need to get my walking, gardening, farming, haying... done.

Took The Monkey up into the hayloft last night. Well, it was the thing to do, she saw me climb up the ladder into the loft, and I knew she'd be right behind me if I didn't watch her, so..... She had sooooooo much fun climbing around in the hay, jumping from bale to bale and squealing with delight when she'd fall into a small crack. They are so much fun to watch!
And then, after the horses were fed and we were back down on solid ground. She went back to her mother. And this is what I hear: "Don't eat the worms, they are for the baby buk, buks"!!
I laughed so hard. Things you don't ever expect to hear said to a 2 year old little girl!

Hubby brought her home a great big 4 foot tall stuffed cat/bear/something, and she loved it. For about 3 minutes. Then we went back to playing with the frogs (hop hops), tent worms, nightcrawlers and ants. Oh, yeah, she found a nest of baby garter snakes too. This child knows no fear!

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