Thursday, June 5, 2008

Upside Down Tomatoes!

So did I walk to work this morning? No, I didn't. Mostly because of the Mizzle. Yup, it's all the Mizzle's fault. Mizzle is an interesting thing. (technical term meaning mist+drizzle). It makes everything wet, yet, not so wet that you have to have an umbrella or raincoat or anything, but wet enough so that you get wet if you're out in it at all. Between the 1 mile of woods and fields that I'd hike through to get to the 2 miles of roads, I'd be rather soaked. Plus we're expecting thunderstorms this afternoon, the severity of which always depends on what the Big Lakes do to the air masses as they pass through. And, in the spring, with thunderstorms, there are tornado possibilities. All depends on the Big Lakes.
Up here, most of our weather depends on the Big Lakes. Our meteorologists also depend on the Big Lakes to bail them out of inaccurate weather reports. Hey, I'm all about whatever works!

Hubby got most of the garden tilled up last night. This is huge! Plus.... what is even huger... or bigger, or more gi-normous is the fact that he fixed it so that it doesn't require an act of God and/or a Raindance to start it. (If you're married to a mechanic, you totally get the huge-ness of this concept!)So, barring any colorful lightening displays this weekend, the garden will totally get done! Tonight I'll let the horses into the area not tilled yet, so they can do some preliminary mowing for me. This is exciting for me, again, I have no life to speak of.

I'm doing a few gardening experiments this year, 2 of which have really been tried and tested. One, planting tomatoes upside down in a bucket. Plus, I'll plant peppers on top of the bucket, or in, or, well, you know. Hard to explain, I'll have to take a picture. But it totally takes care of bugs and weeds, plus it's supposed to yield greater crops. The results will be carefully documented!

Another is the 3 sisters method of crop production. Plant corn in hills, and after a week or so when the corn has started to peek above the ground, plant beans on the side of the hills. The cornstalks give the beans something to climb on, plus the beans will fix nitrogen into the soil for the corn. When the beans are up a bit, then in between the corn/bean mounds plant squash, or pumpkins... This keeps the weeds down in between the corn and beans, shades the roots (because up here in N. Mich it gets sooooooo hot) and also serves to keep little furry four footed creatures from climbing the cornstalks and helping themselves to my pantry-in-progress.
This also will be documented. And I need to move my asparagus, my bad, I planted it too close to the rhubarb. Imagine my surprise when the huge rhubarb leaves totally shaded the sun loving asparagus. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming!

And....... MY WINGS WON LAST NIGHT!! Let me say that again, in cause you just tuned in. MY WINGS SKATED AWAY WITH THE STANLEY CUP LAST NIGHT!!!
Major, Major, Major kudos to the Penguins fans, who even though their team did not win, still stood in respect and stayed for the ceremonies as celebrated by the Red Wings. A majorly classy group you all are! And I mean that sincerely. It was very very evident in the faces and postures of the Penguins after they lost that they were just heartbroken. Sick. Defeated. It hurt to see the looks on the faces of the brave warriors of the Pittsburg team who skated for all they were worth, took this major loss in stride, and still had the sportsmanship to respect the Wings for the job they did. Again... Major Kudos!!

Guess that's all today. There was no walking, there was tilling, and there was winning. 2 outta 3 ain't bad! (is that the correct way to spell "ain't"?)


Anonymous said...

Dean needs to come over and roto-till my backyard!

Sorry but missed the awesome game last nite...

Ter - N. MI said...

lol, yeah, good luck with that one, let me know how it works for you! Yes, you did miss an awesome game. and you didn't even text me back :-( how was the date?