Friday, June 6, 2008

Walking and Knitting

Ok, yes I did walk to work this morning. It was great. Wonderful, you know, all the stuff I thought it would be. What I didn't see coming was this:
I can knit and do almost anything else at the same time. I cannot knit and dive (water+gauge does not work and play well together). I also cannot knit and be drug through woods, meadows, horse pastures, corn fields, pine stands, and front yards by the Bu-Dawgh. Oh, but what a fun walk it was! At one point we were almost attacked by a psycho-manic deer. The Bu-Dawgh was ready to defend, actually more on the offensive, he insisted that we follow the intruder to make sure that there were no more attacks on our persons/fur. At speeds no less than 45 mpg. Through the woods. Throught the meadow. And it was wet.
I need to get him a harness to "keep him from pulling" as the package clearly states. I guess this is breed specific as I was under the impression that to get a sled dog to pull a sled you have to put on a "harness". So, we'll get him a harness, clearly labeled for a Bu-Dawgh, not a husky and that will be all better.
That will keep him from dragging me along. Everyone says so. Even the harness packaging!

I was unable to center and relax, except during that short span when I was on my belly, panting for air, as the temps were rising to approx. 195 degrees.
I was unable to knit.
What I was able to do is get a pretty darn good an-aerobic workout. You know, the kind when you push or pull against a stationery object (or a furry object intent on ridding the world of psycho manic deer). And the upper body strength that I will develop from just this sort of activity will be awesome. I will be lean, and toned and underneath the scratches, road rash, and patches of missing skin, I will look Darn Good!

Got a real nice rain last night, and today it's hot and humid. Tomorrow it's supposed to be hot and humid and rainless again, perfect for finishing the garden. It will be an awesome spectacle, it will be! The garden of gardens. The raccoons and psycho manic deer will stand in awe (right before they scurry over, under, or through the fences. The birds will fly over and drop their beaked noses, or jaws at the splendor of berries, cherry tomatoes, and other birdie goodies, right before they swoop down and help themselves to the grapes etc...

Yup, Saturday is the day. The garden will be done, and then we'll work on fixing the hay feeder for the horses. "Will do's" are marvelous things! I will do this, I will do that, and I will definitely do the other! Once the "will do" becomes a "it's time to do it now", yeah, different story, but hey, it's all about the good intentions, eh?


Tuan said...

You might try to get a long leash, clip it to Bu's collar run it alon the back of the dog, just in front of the dog's hips, run the leash under it's belly and up the other side, then hold the leash both at the handle and by the part that was on it's back. It should look like a loop around it's belly. This will keep your dog from pulling too much. I found that harnesses give the dog more leverage to pull you along, because unlike a collar the harness doesn't choke the dog, so it can pull harder. good luck with that.

Ter said...

I will definitely try that, thanks!

Anonymous said...

You could also get a harness that attaches to his snout. The idea is if they pull too hard, it makes them turn there neck. I haven't tried it on Seth yet but he's been doing well with his harness...

Anonymous said...

you could duct tape his back legs together. That would probably slow him down a little.