Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ladders and High Stuff

On my fridge is a list of Stuff To Do. Most of it is outside stuff, because, well, in the spring and summer, that's where the Stuff To Do lives.
Last night I finished the hay bin for the horses, a really nice big bin that has a cover. So during all this rain my horses don't stomp half of their hay into the mud making a really yucky mess. That's done. Erase that off the list. It's a dry erase kind of list, so it's easy to erase, and much more satisfying than just crossing it off, then there's more room to add more stuff. And there's always more stuff to add.
So, what's next on my Stuff To Do list? My clothesline.

My clothesline is attached to my cabin on one end, off The Back Deck That Isn't There. This is fun. I have a 4x4 which will eventually be part of The Back Deck That Isn't There. So, to use the clothesline, I have to balance on this 4x4 and hang out of the back door, simultaneously reaching and stretching an additional foot or so to reach the clothesline. Olympic gymnasts have nothing on me! It will be great when The Back Deck That Isn't There is finally there.
On the other end hubby has run a pole approximately 3.5 miles up into the air. This is where the current problem is. The clothesline is on a pully on both ends, so I can hang and pull, hang and pull, or opposite, take down and pull. It works well. Really well. So well in fact that I am willing to brave the 3.5 mile hike up the pole to fix it. It's not really broken, but the line has slipped off the pulley and is now caught. So the "pull" part of the "hang and pull" operation is a bit tougher to do.

Here's the plan.... hubby bought me a 8' step ladder at a garage sale. This is fun. I love ladders. My intense fear of heights loves ladders. I love them so much that to this day, almost 50 years into my life, I have never owned one. Never needed one. I might even go so far as to say that that's one of the reasons I got married, so I wouldn't ever have to do ladders. That and the fix cars thing.
Back to the plan. Lean my new 8' step ladder up against a pole that is approx. 3.5 miles in the sky to stretch even further up to fix this.
And this is what will happen. I will approach this task with the vim and vigor it will require. And I will time it perfectly, so that I'll no sooner get the ladder leaned up against the pole and myself precariously perched on the top rung when hubby will come home and bail me out! I'm good at that timing thing. Most of the time.

Since this task will take me approx 20 minutes 4 hours, when that is completed I will start measuring for the chicken fencing. And if it rains, I'll work on the nesting boxes and perches.. inside the new chicken coop that hubby built me for my anniversary. And if it rains really hard, maybe I'll go inside and sweep floors and stuff. Cause I have a major Inside Stuff To Do List too, but that one is in my head. That would just be too depressing to have to look at all the time. And after that, Mr Rooster will become a tasty addition to the crock pot, and the rest of the chickens and turkeys will go to live happily in their new home.


Anonymous said...

Umm... How did you go from your to do list to Mr. Rooster being in your crock pot?

ter said...

lol, because that's between finishing the coop and fencing and introducing the chix and turks to their new home. He's got to go, he attacks and terrorizes the hen turkeys.