Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hair Stuff, Revisited

Oh yeah! I got the curling iron thing TOTALLY figured out! I still can't make my hair do what I want it to, but it's not the curling iron, nope, it's me, or my hair, or something.
I have this Short Cute Cut that requires maintenance. When I wash and dry and curl, and then a light spray, it's cute. I really like it. However... when I take my motorcycle helmet off.... YIKES!! Never seen anything like it!

So.. I'm talking to a fellow rider friend of mine and she says "use moose". Moose? as in large, long legged animal? How in the world would you do that?
No, no, no, she laughs. Mousse, as in fluffy stuff resembling shaving cream that you put in your hair. Hmmmm. Not sure why I'd want to wash, dry, and curl and then put shaving cream in my hair. Kind of defeats the purpose eh?
Apparantly not. Apparantly "mousse" is the equivalent of super glue for hair. You can put your helmet on, take your helmet off, fluff stuff up and it looks as good as it did in the first place. Another technique to master, that of "fluffing". Not as easy as it sounds, either that or my fine thin hair is not the same as her thick coarse hair. Whatever. I'll try it again, cause anything is better than "helmet hair" when it's 90!

Didn't get the clothesline fixed. Didn't get the chicken fencing measured and didn't get the nesting boxes and perches built. Why not? Because when I got home The Mouth was watching a movie that I had wanted to see. So I hurried up and put on dinner and then sat down to watch it with her. Here's what happened. She rewinds tape (or dvd, or vcr or whatever she did to make the movie go back to the beginning - and she did it all from the comfort of MY chair, but no matter, she didn't have to get up and hook up wires, or flip switches, or kick the tv, all she did was take one of the many many remotes that sit on the end table, push some buttons and magically, the movie goes back to the beginning).
I'm over it, I promise.

The movie was Fool's Gold with Matthew McConnahuey, or however it's spelled and Kate Hudson. 2 of my favorites.
At one point hubby walked in and sat down to watch it. At one point they were underwater using a metal detector. This had hubby's attention as he does similar stuff with his metal detector. So he went to dig out his metal detector that goes underwater so I could send it in, get it all tuned up and working properly, so we can take it with us on a reunion/diving trip down to Mexico in 3 weeks. 3 weeks! But I can do it, I can work magic, just watch me. I'll have that thing sent out, sent back and in his posession just in time to pack it, probably only to have the airlines decide that it could be a weapon of mass destruction and not let us take it.
Don't go there!

Anyway, that's what happened last night and why NOTHING got done. Plus it was kind of cold and drizzley, and not conducive to hanging clothes out anyway, which kind of took the urgency out of that project. I'm all about doing what needs to be done, after it needs to be done, it's a talent, a skill, and I'm good at it!

Tonight? maybe the clothesline.... right now the sun is out but it's also cloudy. Maybe the fencing, but with all the rain my joints are achy, so... who knows. The Mouth works until late tonight, so she won't be there to derail me (it doesn't take much).

Wow! How's that for running on and on and on about nothing? Another talent, thanks very much.
So, to recap... curling iron, check! mousse, in progress. clothesline, asap. chicken fencing, asap.

Soon, an update on my blueberry plants... but I'm not holding my breath.


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I'd say you shave your head so you can look like John. Plus it's easy maintenance.

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