Monday, June 16, 2008

When It Rains.....

And rains, and rains and rains and rains.....

The Farmer's Almanac says that the last week in June will be dry and hot and sunny. Perfect weather for haying, except that the first cutting should have already been done. Actually, we should be just finishing up now. That will put us 2 weeks behind and the hay will start getting "stemmy". But, nothing to be done, except hope that Mother Nature and the Farmer's Almanac are on speaking terms soon!

The rains and thunderstorms are good for the gardens, and the water table, seeing as how we are still classified on the edge of a drought. Really! My pond has never been deeper, the fish peer at us as we're eating dinner, who's really in the aquarium now?? The streams are at all time highs, but it's yet to soak down far enough to affect most of the underground stuff, except our basement. That's why they make sump pumps, and probably why, when I build my cabin 17 years ago, my Dad insisted that I put one in. "But Dad, I'd rather have lots and lots of windows and a cool deck". Said I. And now, I, is saying "Yeah, about that sump pump? Yeah, probably a good idea!"

Reason #5 for not walking to work this morning: Going out this morning to do chores and discovering that the horse fence is down. Not good. Don't have time for a rodeo today. By the time the fence was back up and working (I do hope I remembered to plug in the electric charger - have to remember to call and have N. check it) it was too late to walk, so Bu-Dawgh and I endured the 4 mile drive. I was already to walk too, had my little bag packed with all the necessities: water bottle, knitting, extra knitting, extra knitting needles (one never knows where the knitting needles will end up when the Bu-Dawgh spots one of our resident psycho-manic deer and decides that he must protect us at all costs. (All costs, usually involves dragging me through the brambles, woods, fields, once in awhile swamps, at 90+ mpg). We make good time though, and if where we end up is where we were aiming for in the first place, then it's all that much better.

Maybe tomorrow!

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