Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here's the newest idea rambling around in my brain.

I'm going to start walking to work. Why? Well, back at ya.... why not?

I live 4 miles from work (3 if I hoof it through the woods). I can make it in 45 mins, a lot less time than some people spend commuting. Especially if I have Bu-Dawgh to help me "Go".

Imagine the benefits.
1. Walking is wonderful exercize. If I walk 6-8 miles a day, imagine the benefits in my on-going delusional weight loss goals.
2. Stress and anxiety will all but disappear with 2 daily walks through the woods, fields, meadows, listening to the birds and squirrels, the wind in the trees, the scents of the seasons. Just imagine. Other than the Pteradactyl sized mosquitos, the bears, coyotes and snakes that reside in the woods, it will be a wonderful way to relax and center with the universe around me.
3. Toning and breathing! Need I say more? And, since in July I have a standing arm wrestling competition with my neice, L, I will be in darn good shape to whip the tar out of her. By the way, L, have your people get in touch with my people to set this up.
4. I don't know, there seemed like soooo many good reasons when I made this epic decision.
5. Oh, I remember. Think of the knitting I'll get done with an extra 1.5 hrs a day. Yes, I can knit while I walk, knit while I sleep, knit while I drive (this has been discouraged for some reason by hubby and a multitude of others), knit while I watch tv, actually, the only thing I can think of that I can't do while I'm knitting is diving. I'm sure the water would seriously mess with my gauge.

This is why I didn't walk to work today.
1. Rain is threatening, which, by the way, it either needs to do (rain) or get off the pot. Enough already. We need the rain, a lot, my hay fields depend on it, as does all the plants that I haven't planted yet. (this weekend, one way or another, my garden WILL get finished). So being as how I am of delicate nature and will most probably felt if I get wet, we (me and the Bu-Dawgh) didn't walk today.
2. I have to go to the courthouse to finish up all the passport crap that I, as a Natural Born American Citizen have to have to return to my country of birth and entire life life-ness. Don't get me started. But, to get my passport, I have to show a birth certificate and a driver's lisence to prove that I really was born here and really do reside here. Why can't I just show the driver's lisence and birth certificate at the border to prove that I was born here and live here? Because then the State of Michigan, or US government, or someone will miss out on an extra 90 bucks. I'm just sayin' is all..
So... will I walk tomorrow? You betcha, I have yet to give myself a free pass for tomorrow. I WILL WALK TOMORROW!

Tonight: Game 6. Will we walk (skate) away with it? Only time will tell. So as of 8 pm tonight, I will be cush-ily (a technical term) parked in my chair (with my knitting) and the current resident 2 year old and will watch my Red Wings skate their way to the Stanley Cup. Go Wings.

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Anonymous said...

You still don't have your passport? Mexico is just around the corner!!