Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Buk Buk Condo!

Worked some more on the Chicken Coop (aka.. baby buk buk condo) last night. It's almost done!! You might ask why it's taken soooo long to accomplish this. Well, for one, this time I wanted it done RIGHT (as opposed to "cobbled"). And, I had to scrounge for materials. The actual condo itself (frame) was an anniversary present from hubby (how romantic is that?? ) We scrounged for roofing tin, actually, the only thing that was purchased for this specific project was the screws. How cool is that??

So, last night, the front and back doors went on (again, $0.00 cost) from hinges left over from other projects. The mosquitos (Michigan's state bird) were out in force last night so we called it quits a bit early. Don't have electricity run out there yet, so there weren't any lights either.

Tonight.... finish the trap door. Then, it's done!! I'm so excited (we've already been over how exciting my life is).
I have a few other excuses also, as to why this project has taken a lot longer than I wanted it to (beside the full time job thing, and the garden):
Exhibit A:

A new roof for our cabin! The backside is done! Cost: approx 45.00 (for the roofing nails). The tin was left over from the barn, I'm not crazy about the color, but for the 45.00 that the back side of the roof cost us, I put another $100.00 to it and bought barn tin paint. Closer to winter (when it's not 950 degrees up there) I'll take a power washer, sander and paint sprayer up there and do the hunter green that I want.

The front side will have to wait as we're almost out of leftover tin. We can buy what we need but at the end of the season, there will be "giveaways", free for the "come and get it", which is how we got all of this in the first place.

Here are a few other pictures of the reasons it takes me sooo long to accomplish anything!

From left to right:

Mike (Mike McMustang - branded mustang, captured from Nevada) Sierra or Si (Sierra's Mercedes Benze - branded mustang, captured from Wyoming), and Jake (welsh pony and arabian cross)

And 2 of my calves, appropriately named Salt and Pepper, although, not like you'd expect!
Left is salt and right is pepper.

And, in one week, this will be ME down in the Caribbean!!!!!!

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