Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introducing You To More Of Our Critters

Don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but hubby collects fish. Well, actually he collects aquariums. I don't think he's ever bought a new one, he just scarfs them up at resale shops, garage sales, and junk heaps. Ironically, they usually leak. Go figure!
Like the time I got new hardwood floors because his 225 gallon aquarium decided to gush all over the carpets and linoleum.
You gotta look on the bright side here, I probably would never have gotten my hardwood floors had this not happened and the insurance company written me a nice little check for the damage.
So, back to the aquariums.....
This is the latest, it's just your standard 20 gal or so aquarium, filled with the usual sand, shells, rocks, shotgun shells.... you know, an aquarium, oh yeah, it has fish in it too.
Recently it sprung a leak. Imagine that! Didn't see that coming!
And if you'll notice the towel hanging off of the left side, you can imagine that it's wet. Always.
And getting wetter. Faster.
Soooooo... here's the plan.....
I refer you to the aquarium at the bottom. Another of our his aquariums, also with a slow leak, but not as fast as the bigger one below, so.....

Tonight I will take out the one fish in the big aquarium (aprox 150 gals) that will eat littler fish and put him in the pond. He's a bullhead, I don't think he'll care.
I will transfer the contents of smaller leaky aquarium into bigger less leaky aquarium, and all of this will take 30 mins 3 hours tops!

How hard can it be?

In the chicken pen.....
Most of them are in!! I put a top on it last night, just as a trial, to see where they needed to be, and all that got put in are still in, so tonight, after my fun aquarium switching out, I'll make that a little nicer to look at.
I mean, snow fence in N. Mich is a given, but bright orange, on top of a chicken pen? Now that's just ridiculous!!

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