Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mexico is Hot as H*&&^^^ BUT IT ROCKS!!

Let me set the scene. Sitting on the beach of the Caribbean off the Yucatan Peninsula. Sleeping in a hammock. Drinking Corona's and Margaritas until, well, you gotta drink something, and they always tell you not to drink the water. (This doesn't include snorkeling, diving past the top of the snorkel and inhaling/swallowing a big gulp of sea water). So ya gotta drink something, and I always say, when in Mexico, do as the Mexico-ans and that translates into Corona and Margaritas.
It hot. Really hot. Hotter than hot, actually, it's pretty far off of the hot scale. And humid. Never saw that coming! Go figure, a place that is hotter than hot and has a constant trade wind blowing, and happens to be close to a hole lotta water would be humid!
But the water is great, and surf is waaay fun. We've been out past the breakwater in kayaks, because they told us it was too dangerous. Had to do that one 4 or 5 times, just because.
The breakwater is part of the 2nd longest reef system in the world, home to lots and lots of pretty fishies!
We had an authentic Mayan dinner, prepared by real Mayan Indians. It was pretty good, nothing special, although that's nothing against the delightful people that prepared this meal.
We've been snorkeling all throughout the bay almost non-stop, and hubby found a spot to go fishing.
Later this week, we're going diving, diving on these reefs, in the Caribbean is awesome. you can see forever, the colors of the corals and fish are amazing, and the water is warm. Last time we went diving down here we saw dolphins, maybe this time we'll be as lucky.
I'm sure, at home, the Bu-Dawgh is having some separation anxiety issues, but he'll survive another week, I hope.
At any rate, here is a picture of where I intend to be later this week:

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