Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our First Field is Done!!

This is how you get the hay from the wagon into the barn, for my regular readers (city-boy brothers ;-) who have no idea how things like this are done. It's called a hay elevator, of all things. It deposits the hay into the barn and the unlucky person who happens to be "catching" up in the loft gets to stack it. There's no air up there, and lots and lots of dust.
Notice you can see clear through the other side of the barn, this is NOT GOOD!! Usually this time of year there isn't room to even hardly climb around up there, and we're scrambling for places to put hay. We're filling up the bottom of the barn, and starting to pile hay on skids outside, to be covered up with a tarp and fed first. But not this year. It's not gonna be good!

And these bales are not the best either, they are scraggly (as a result of waiting this long to get baled) and weedy.
But our field is done, and here is The Mouth and Hubby showing how nice it is to be done with this particular field, one of our hardest.

This is the last time we will hay this field, we'll plow it under and plant corn for a few years, then plow it under again and plant a quality pasture mix. We never get a 2nd cutting out of this field, it's gotten that sparse and weedy, so it's time to rotate it out.

It rained hard last night, thunder, lightening and lost power for about 3 hours, but that's ok, I rise with the sun anyway so it's not like I depend on an alarm clock.

So tonight, there will be no haying (thanks to the miracles of modern technology we know ahead of time when to expect rain), but there will be some serious house cleaning, something that gets sorely neglected during haying season.

I'll also try to get out into the garden again, I've been on a mission to rid the world of zucchini, one plant at a time, but it is a veritable enemy. Well, not really an enemy, but last year I got enough to feed everyone in the county nothing but zucchini for 3-5 years, I don't need any more this year, I'd rather have the stuff it is trying to drown out (corn, beans, watermelon...), so I will get more of that done tonight, unless it rains again. (no, I didn't plant zucchini this year, but apparantly, left some out in the garden last year and it reseeded itself). And, since I had to hunt for a towel this morning to take a shower, I might consider doing some laundry, again, unless it rains....

Out here in the "old world" as my brothers like to call it, we depend an awful lot on the weather, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love this life (even if I hurt really bad right now).


Anonymous said...

Would you like some cheese with that whine? I don't want to hear you complain about how much your body aches.
Think of how much zuchinni breads and muffins you could be making. When should I be expecting some?

Ter - N. MI said...

hmmm, that's an idea... zucchini/cheese bread and muffins!
sounds yummy!