Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update on "Stuff" (which is a technical term)

First of all, Mexico was awesome. My family reunion was awesome. The Caribbean was awesome. Diving was awesome. Um, yeah, you could say I had a great time!
Except for the fact that hubby, who's allergic to bees, took a nasty bite from some sort of tropical jungle insect. His legs swelled up and got all blotchy and rashy. Still not looking too good. He seriously spent 3 days when he could hardly walk, but he's a trooper. He managed to hold down a beach chair, AND consume a fair amount of Bud Light! What a guy!
Still doesn't look good but he won't even consider going to the doctor. I've been rubbing it night and morning with antibiotic cream and aloe, and massaging to get the circulation going so the bloodstream can do it's job and get rid of the toxins. It's less tender, and seems to be receding a bit, but if it's not getting steadily better, I'll pull rank on him and take him in.

When I got back.... ugh. Life sure has a way of reminding you when you've checked out for awhile that it expects some form of payback.

Like... weeds overtook my garden. I HAVE to get out there and find stuff. The only hope I have is that I still remember where I planted stuff. Tonight I'll try to find my peppers and weed them and replant my aloe. That's it for the garden. Baby steps, if I keep it to one or two things, it's not so overwhelming.

All of my chickens decided to escape out of the really cool pen I built, so I'll have to do a bit of renovating. Tonight, I'll do that too. Shouldn't take real long.

The Bu-Dawgh is suffering from extreme separation anxiety. He is shar-pei, apparantly that's one of their wonderful traits, that they're completely loyal to their person/family. So much so that he feels my lap is the best place in the world to be. Also, right under my feet is a good spot, especially if I'm trying to walk from one room to the other. He's not going too far from me right now. 10 days in the kennel probably about did him in. (between you and me, he survived, but I can't afford to be that glib with him - it would destroy his fragile self esteem - we do have to pamper our 4 footed babies!).

All of my other critters survived also, with self esteem in tact, except my one baby chicken who thinks he's a cow. He/she lives in with the calves, roosts on one of their backs, eats with them, naps with them. Leave it to me to come up with something like that. Maybe I should have gone into cross breeding and genetic research as a career. Imagine, a critter that tastes like a chicken and has as much meat on it as a cow! My luck, other way around. Either way, I guess..... I'm going to have to break it to him slowly that he is, in fact, a chicken and as soon as the pen is escape proof and the others quit picking on him, he's gonna have to go live in the coop with his own kind. Likely he'll need therapy. I don't see any way around it, but he's gonna have to adjust. Life's rough, get a helmet, stuff like that.

Knitting...... can't tell you. I'm almost done with a stealth project so I can't go into too much detail, but I can show you some pics. The only reason I can't go into much detail is because it's a gift and the giftee reads this once in awhile.
But here is the whole mess:
In all it's shimmery pinky and silvery goodness.... double strands of leftover (my favorite) bulky yarns, and knit on 11 and 13's. Very quick, it's quickly becoming my quick to knit ________ item.
Almost done!
Gonna have to ride my bike to work today, my car broke. Yup, the egg finally cracked! Hubby needs to take the motor out to do something or other to it, I realize that I know a lot more about vehicles than a lot of people do, however, I also know a lot less that he does. He'll fix it, in the meantime, I can walk or ride depending on time constraints.
And the best news of all... my son is on his way home from Iraq! It's only a short leave, and I won't see him again for another year, but I'll make the best of this week. Don't have a for-sure date yet, apparantly, when they fly "space available" it's a crap shoot. Luckily, his leave won't start until he hits the states. I do know he's on his way, left Baghdad yesterday!
Woo Hoo!!!!!
Gotta go, get ready for work and all that, got a big project there that needs all my attention too! Bring it on, I can take it!!

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