Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sequences = A Comedy of Errors, AKA.. Knowing When To Say When!

I've written about my sequences before. For some reason the steps that it takes to accomplish the simplest task sometimes takes a whole lot longer than what it should.

Let me set the stage.

1. I can either walk to work, ride my bike, or drive my car. Let's review the process here:
A. The Bu-Dawgh will be alone all day and we're haying tonight so I can either

1. Drive my car or 2. Walk with Bu-Dawgh (an adventure in itself!).

B. I have plants to take to my Dad so based on this and the above I decide to drive my car.

Ok, that decision is made, and wow! It only took about 10 minutes of reasoning to get there, a personal record I do believe!

So, we're driving to work, the decision has been made.
Here's the steps (sequences to get to work)
1. Load up the car with Bu-Dawgh, all the plants plus a load of garbage for the dumpster.
2. Get in car.
3. Remember that I forgot to remember all my "stuff"
4. Go back to get the rest of my stuff.
5. Get in car.
6. Car won't start.
7. Try to find jumper cables, which weren't put back last time they were used, hmmmm, imagine that!
8. Find another set in hubby's truck.
9. Hook up jumper cables to my car.
10. Get hubby's truck parked next to my car.
11. Hubby's hood won't open.
12. Put hubby's truck back out of the way and go to get my truck.
13. My truck's hood won't open.
14. Sigh, back to the house for another cup of coffee, and seriously consider working from home.
15. Get back in my truck and drive my truck up and down the road over the bumps at a higher than recommended rate of speed until the hood latch pops.
16. Drive back to my car (realizing by now that I have used in gas, what I would have used anyway just driving to work with my truck, but no matter, it's not a simple thing, we have to make it harder than it is!)
17. Open hood of truck and proceed to jump car.
18. Car starts.
19. Put truck back out of the way.
20. Get in car.
21. Shut door.
22. Try to put on seat belt.
23. Open door to release seat belt.
24. Close door and proceed to drive to work, making a mental note to drop Webster a line about all the new cuss words I've invented this morning.
25. Get to work to discover I'm the first one there and am locked out.
26. Reconsider driving back home and going back to bed, but realize that there is indeed someone there, they just forgot to unlock the door.
And we are now at work.

So, to recap, I actually made it to work, which in itself, seemed to be a major accomplishment, I suppose the rest of the day will be a crap shoot!

Sunday we finally offed the rooster. This was a not-nice rooster. He attacks, and not just to protect his hens, but just because he is (was) one of those psycho manic animals we seem to attract. So last night, the "roo-stew" over homemade biscuits was just yummy! And it was very satisfying to finally put an end to that little drama. However, the actual "doing of the deed" as it were would have made for a very good 1/2 hour sitcom, it's a shame that NBC wasn't there to videotape that little production! Because as it is in my life, nothing is as it should be, but it's all real interesting!

Yesterday I took the day off to work on my chicken pen. I got a lot done, LOTS. I would have finished it except for that my life is not just about chicken pens, and other stuff had to happen, so I suppose that all in all, having a super productive day yesterday just paved the road to having a 1 step sideways and 4 steps backwards day today! A day in the life and all that....... Murphy's Law prevailed!

Tonight we're haying. I'm probably not going to go near any of the tractors, I just don't want that on my conscience, so I'll ride the wagon and stack hay hoping that the wheels don't fall off or the axles break or something (all of which has actually happened - I'm waiting for the day that they fire me, except for that they're my horses, so it's assumed that I will at least try to help). It's all good! As long as we don't push our limits.

I'm sure the rest of my day will be as eventful as the beginning, I'll be sure to take notes, noone would believe me if I didn't!


Anonymous said...

Geeze... I would of just stayed at home. I'm beginning to have second thoughts about heading out there sometime in the future to help you hay. I would prefer to go back home in one piece...

Khalipha said...

Good post.