Monday, July 7, 2008

Tractor Zen

So, I'm out baling hay, which is fairly relaxing in itself. The sun is shining (950 degrees), the birds are singing (which can't be heard above the sound of the baler), the breeze is blowing (a hot humid sticky breeze). It's relaxing. It's where I love to be. And I hit a rock. My bad, should have been watching. Oh, yeah, I was. Watching behind me, making sure the baler was actually scooping up the hay like it's supposed to do. Every now and then something happens to "wake me up" so to speak. Like a rock, or a tree. There's nothing like being totally mesmerized by the rhythmic sounds of the baler crunching up dried grass and spitting it out the other end, when WHACK! All of a sudden I'm swatted with a branch. No big, just a pine tree, and a white pine at that, you know, the ones with long long soft pine needles? They don't hurt, they just serve to wake me up and shake me from my zen-like trance. But it is enjoyable, even if every muscle and every joint in my body is just burning this morning. Things aren't moving quite as well as they did when I was a few years younger.

What else did I do over the long weekend? Well, first of all, I officially became a 50 year old! And the same day, I got my first AARP card in the mail. WTF????? NO. I REFUSE! (Can you refuse stuff like that?)

Of course, we did the obligatory parade and fireworks on the 4th. We have a HUGE hill by where we live and you can see the town fireworks, all the country people who light them off, the small towns around, it's like a 360 degree display. Quite Cool!

A friend and I took off for Traverse (west coast) on Saturday to get fresh cherries. We found that they were still about 1-2 weeks out, but they did have lots and lots and lots of strawberries and asparagus. So, loaded up and then we hit the local yarn shop, well, because you have to do that. I can't very well recommend that particular shop if I've never been in there to drool and pet or, touch and aah and ooh over the yarns.

As with any foray into Farmer's Market territory, there is the results of that foray to be dealt with. That afternoon I put 48 cups of crushed berries and close to 25 lbs of asparagus into the freezer. The berries will be turned into jam, but not until a cold crisp autumn or winter weekend, when I have cherries, and peaches to add to them. I'll dig out the rhubarb too, then all the jam will be done in one day rather than in fits and starts.

Got most of the garden weeded and my "over the winter" lettuces started. I found the coolest rainbow swiss chard. Can't beat a good garden fresh salad in January. Also planted some cabbage seeds to winter over and make kraut, yum!!
Got a lot of hay put into both barns, worked on the chicken coop, got all the nesting boxes built and perches put up, still have to put netting up on the inside and cut a "trap door".
Tonight? Blessed rain! So, I'll finally get some inside work done, you know, like dishes, floors, laundry folded, stuff like that! And gasp.. maybe some knitting!! Probably not, my wrists and hands are trashed from haying.
Someone who now is famous, coined a phrase, I'm sure you've heard of it: Life Is Good. And it is!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I was wearing my Life is Good shirt this weekend! It was an awesome weekend. A tad bit short, but we'll have a longer weekend coming up in 6 days!!! I can't wait!!!