Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mailbox Drama Resolved!

Regarding yesterday's Mailbox Drama! All is well, all is good, no bail was required, no security had to be called, the issue was "tabled". Just one little guy stood up against the big bad county government.
Oh, they had pictures of our "insubordination" hanging on the walls. Lots of them, from every angle. Hubby stood his ground, and even went so far as to offer to ride around the county and make notes of "violations" of their ordinances, so they wouldn't have to take precious tax dollars to do it themselves. He offered to put up the old mailboxes, in all of their disrepair along with a handwritten sign - something to the effect of "this is your tax dollars at work". And, he offered to take them all out, one by one and show them why some of their own mailboxes didn't meet their own ordinances. Every bit of nonsense they offered was met by a counteroffer, he's so good, he should be a politician! I'd vote for him! He even went so far as to ask why we were being singled out. When told that they weren't singling us out, he wondered why he was the only one there complaining, and our mailboxes were the only ones that had pictures hanging on the wall. They couldn't really disagree with that!
They also couldn't disagree with the fact that everything that stated on their ordinance website we were in compliance with.
About 45 mins into this nonsense, the commissioner decided that this wasn't really "a can of worms we want to open" and declared the issue "tabled". This could mean one of two things, either it's "not a can of worms we want to open" (at all), or they need time to figure out a different way to make us comply.

See, one person can make a difference, all you have to do is be willing to stand your ground!

Tomorrow, we leave on vacation, I have so much to do. Ugh, at least the farm will be covered, and I've learned from previous experience that my job will not fall apart if I leave it for a week.

Poor Bu-Dawgh, though. He will have to go to the kennel. For a whole week. He will be devastated. Will probably have to start him on Prozac when he gets home! But tonight, he needs a bath. That's always fun, at least it's warm out and I can do this via the hose, rather than in the bathtub.

Got to get to work, later gator, or as they say in Mexico..... well, I don't really know what they say in Mexico, but I'm gonna find out!

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Anonymous said...

It's "Hasta Luego" or something like that. I'm not quite sure. Took 3 years of Spanish and forgot it all. So much for my edumacation.