Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My brother from Southern California (where they really don't have any idea at all what frost in Sept. is all about) texts me yesterday and told me we were in for a frost.
Ahem. Excuse Me? Frost? I'm in denial. It's only mid-Sept. And you're in So. Cal!
Oh, yeah. It's mid-Sept. actually could happen any time.

But come on! I just put the garden in yesterday!

Ok, whatever you say, baby bro.

And I'm watching the news and weather and knitting last night (really cool pattern in blues, teals, greens, purples - caribbean colors...) and what do I see? Frost advisory! Geez! A girl can't catch a break.

So I scrambled outside, where it was actually starting to feel a bit "frosty" and covered up all of the tomatoes, peppers and lettuces I could get to and went inside feeling all good about myself. The baby snakes that I found under the tarps weren't feeling so good about themselves. Probably wishing they'd found something else to burrow under.

Here's the magic question:

Did it actually frost?

Remember Murphy?

Here's the answer:

Of course not. I covered everything. If I hadn't, then it would have frosted and possibly frozen, but it's all good. We were apparantly at dew point, so even a fraction of a temperature would have resulted in a smattering of the white stuff. But we're good now for another couple of days anyway.

Got BUNCHES of tomatoes picked and into the dehydrator. I put salt and basil or oregano on them, they are just yummy in the winter. And others with just salt. They're just as good, reconstituted in spaghetti sauce.. and they don't take up as much room as the canned variety does.

Not much hope for getting a lot done tonight, gotta work late, but maybe I'll finally get the greenhouse plans done and roped off. Also have to convince hubby to bring the bobcat/skidder (happy li'l bro?) over and while we're cleaning out the calf pen, he can scrape a few layers of soil and sod out of where I plan to pour cement.
This project just might happen!

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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing I warned you about the pending frost or else if it really happened, you wouldn't know where you put your tarps. But now you know where they are.