Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Think It's Going To Rain Today

With apologies to Bette Midler, or Bonnie Tyler, or whoever sang that song.
But, I rode my bike to work, and I hung out laundry so that pretty much clinches it.

Oh, and I didn't bring my sweatshirt either, so definitely, I'll be riding home in the rain.

That's good though, don't want to go so far as to actually expect it, even though we need it. Badly. I really didn't do all of this on purpose, the riding of the bike, hanging of the laundry, forgetting of outer covering, it wasn't really a blatant act of defiance. Not really a ploy to actually make it rain. I'm sure that's how it will be viewed, by the beings that control the rain.

So, let's say it does rain. Oh boo hoooo, my wet laundry will get wetter, and so will I.

boo hoo hoooooo,

If it rains, oh, how will I cope? The tomatoes, the peppers, the corn and potatoes, all of the things that depend on either me or someone else to water them, what will they do without their every other day scheduled watering? OH PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't rain.

(tee hee heee, think they bought it?).

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Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that if it rains, you can sit in front of the fire, knitting and enjoy a warm cup of tea.