Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loooong Weekend

What did everyone do this weekend? I was very very busy, but if I had to name what I actually did, I couldn't.

Hubby went fishing. I didn't. Hubby went diving. I didn't. We did take a real nice relaxing road trip on the bikes.

I did laundry. I did dishes. I swept and washed floors. I worked on Bu-Dawgh training. And I knitted. And this afternoon if I can get home from work early enough, I will can some tomatoes.

2 of my daughters are under the impression that I'm doing too much, and losing it. They think I need to slow down and relax (when I asked one of them what would I do if I walked in the door and decided to relax, just what would that entail, and she laughed. Still trying to figure that one out.) They think I need to call and make a Dr. apt to find out why I've gone over the edge (and I'm still trying to find the edge that I supposedly went over). And I'm not liking this. At all. I don't want someone to tell me I have to go to the dr. What's next, a call to remind me to go to the bathroom? I see this ending badly. Nope. I fought long and hard for my independance, and these 2 just want to whisk it away from underneath me.

Always been an advocate of "identify the enemy then go balls to the wall and eliminate it". Just deal with it. Make it go away. Well, step one has been identified. It's menopause, plain and simple. Every woman on the face of the planet will have to deal with this at one time or another, and I'm not aware of a single fatality (other than husbands strangling them in their sleep...). Mother nature has been dealing this hand of cards from the beginning of time and it's just another thing to "deal with". So, the enemy has been identified, now we start to fight (since elimination is unlikely, we just deal). I probably will make that dr. apt, if only to shut the two of them up, and also to confirm what I already know. The Change Is Apon Me (or upon, or whatever).
Hormone therapy? Not likely. But we'll see, have to make that phone call first, and I can't remember where I put that phone!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. Women issues. I'm so glad I'm not a woman.