Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yay, It's Friday!!

Jumped out of bed with a smile in my toes this morning. Danced around the room. Joyful, Gleeful, not at all cognizant of what was actually going to happen.
"What are you so happy about"? Hubby asked.

"It's Friday, it's Friday, do you know what that means?"

Do you know what he said? How he actually had the nerve to answer my question? It was a simple question: "Do you know what that means? (that, being the fact that it's Friday with a whole new upcoming weekend". He answered like this:

Sit down, I know you're going to be floored. You'll likely need CPR at the rudeness and unkindness of his answer.

He merely looked at me like I'd grown a 3rd head and said: "It's only Thursday".

I'm the first one to admit that one of his greatest faults is not knowing what day of the week, or usually what month it is, so my initial reaction was to go with that, knowing that he was, of course, wrong. But the calendar confirmed it. A look at another calendar raspberried it right in my face. The phone concurred, even the danged computer laughed at me with a sort of disdain. (stupid computer).
But I can roll with that. I'll just redo the dance all over again tomorrow morning, and heaven help the person who tries to take me down again. Not gonna happen. I'll go out and ask the cows, they'll say anything to get me to feed them!

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Anonymous said...

You know it IS Friday in other parts of the world. But it is always 5 o'clock somewhere!