Friday, September 12, 2008

So I'll Sit Right Down

And have another beer in Mexico.....
Ok, I believe I'll do that. And in another universe somewhere that might actually work.

Just a few smatterings here (I like to use long technical words, it messes people up).

Have a loooonnnnggg weekend coming up, and I don't mean that in a good way. Saturday, I'm working. Gasp! What's that about. The only day it's not supposed to rain for the next quite a few.

Even up here the hurricanes have their way with the weather. I'm sure it's a drop in the bucket, but we still get the air pressure changes, the rain and I still feel the achy joints.

My personal opinion is that the high pressure systems that we normally get from Canada and the hurricane-isms that we are getting from the south are converging over the lakes and having a mighty melt-down. You can almost hear them arguing. Either that or it's the thunder.

So, maybe rethinking the Mexico thing, because of Ike and all.

Sunday, we'll be up on the roof (probably, depending on how much water-age is falling from the sky - steep angles and tin roofs combined with water-age makes for some interesting times, add a bit of thunder and lightening and it's just way more fun than I can deal with). And then..... after the roof is done, I can get hubby concentrating on my greenhouse.


He likes to think that he can take breaks and go fishing every now and then. And it is salmon fishing season, and we do like our salmon. Salmon patties are really yummy on a cold winter night. So I guess if he wants to go fishing it's ok with me.

But when he gets back, and the roof is done.....

The Mouth now has a boyfriend, which might seriously hamper her plans to move to Alaska in the spring. And I've been accused of being narrow minded, and not only that, but being narrow minded while in possession of a gun. I like to think I've always been fairly tolerant of all the idiots my girls have brought home. I haven't met him yet, so I don't know what kind of metal he's made from. But apparantly he's self sufficient, doesn't live with his mommy, and actually has a job. Don't laugh, that's a plus up here.

Hubby brought home a compound bow this past week.
He handed it to me.
He told me to pull it and see what I thought.
I did.
It was easy, a lot easier than I thought it would be. (45-55 lb)
I think he has plans to take me bow hunting this year.
Could be interesting.
I'm not real good with a bow. Add an arrow and things might get dangerous, but that's weeks away.
I'd rather use my .22

Well, that's about all that's happening in my neck of the woods. Still have more tomatoes to can, and a bunch of dirt to gather up. I like to start all of my seeds in the winter (feb. or so), and it's really really hard to find dirt to start them in, when you have to dig through 4 foot of snow, and then need a pick axe. It's lots better to gather up the dirt in the fall, when it's a bit warmer. I'll store it in buckets, and pots in the barn until it's time to plant stuff, then bring it in. Or, hopefully I'll have the greenhouse and I can do this all year round!

What fun!

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Anonymous said...

You always work on the weekends so how is this weekend any different?