Thursday, September 18, 2008

Walking To Work

I was going to walk to work this morning, you know, walk and knit, walk and knit, walk and knit, and kick through leaves. AND RELAX!! But then the coffee didn't brew in time.
I can still make it though, if I can find my backpack. Nope. ok, plan B. I'll just use the Sling It Over My Shoulder bag that I used to use before I got my backpack. Ok, all ready.

Now, where are my de-structions for my knitting? Oh crap. Can't find those either. Why isn't the curling iron hot? Did I remember to do chores. Still no coffee.

So I'll drive, I still have some gas in my little car anyway. And since I already told Bu-Dawgh that we were "gonna go fer a..." he was not gonna settle for me riding my bike. Ok, I hope my de-structions are at work.

Now, back to the coffee. And the curling iron. Sigh. It's gonna be one of those days. It's already been one of those weeks.

Fall tends to be like this, there's always last minute scrambling to get summer projects done, get the farm ready for winter, get myself mentally ready for winter, get the house ready for winter, it's almost like busting through cement walls but yet still holding back and holding on to the warmer weather.

Whoever wrote "Summertime, and the livin' is easy" (I actually do know who wrote that, but can't remember it right now, it's from Porgy and Bess, anyway... this person did not live on a farm. Add into that the mental "nesting" urges that no doubt kept out hunter-gatherer forbears alive and you have a bustle of activity that drains even the most sturdy of us.

Time for that last bonfire of the season? Well, that would be nice except I never got the firepit cleaned out and moved from the beginning of the season! I guess we could have it in the driveway.

Do you see where I'm at with all of this? It's a very busy time of year, usually at work I can plan on taking a few afternoons off a week to do my canning... but not this year. Super busy at work. Super busy at home. Super busy on the farm. And no time for me. Poor me. I'll take some cheese with my whine!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. You said the W word. It's not even Fall yet.