Friday, September 5, 2008

Yay, It's Friday!! (revisited)

So I didn't jump out of bed this morning and do the happy dance. It was raining. Even though us gardener and farmer types like the rain from time to time, it causes a bit of pain around the jointages. Happy dancing is not conducive to painful jointage.

Besides I stayed awake waaay too long last night and didn't really feel like getting out of bed at all, even if it were the last day of the week. I untangled all of the yarn for my next project last nght. All of it. This is really cool yarn, Trendsetter from Venus, in pinks, silvers, golds, oranges, greens... I know, it sounds hideous, but really it's cool! See it pictured to the left. (I think it's left)

For awhile now, I've been having difficulty determining left from right. I finally know why this is. It has nothing to do with dyslexia, add, adhd, ocd, or any other symbols. It has to do with the fact that if you're typing "right" you start with your left hand. If you're typing "left" you start with your right hand. This just totally mixes me up. Totally. I have to actually type it in my brain to get it right. And then it's just a crap shoot. I've gotten it wrong more than I've gotten it right. Or left. Anyway, I've not beat the odds, they've beaten me. On this one anyway.

Blondie got a puppy.

And The Mouth is "keeping" it for her until tomorrow when we'll meet her in another town to do the official custody exchange.

She's not even really all that cute. (hideous has been one term heard lately). Except that she's a puppy and puppies are cute. And she does puppy things and most of the puppy things that puppies do are cute. She's part yorkie and part mini poodle. And I for one will be glad to ship her down the road. Not that I don't cuddle, or play with, or enjoy watching her terrorize someone else's toes.

So tomorrow I will spend with Blondie and The Mouth. They, under some crazy notion, have decided that they can gang up against me to force me to go to the Dr. I have too much anxiety, they say. I have too much stress, they say. I forget things. I need to find out if this is menopause or if it's something else, they say.

This is what I say. I have a kid in Iraq whom I haven't heard from in over a week. I have another living with me with her 24 lb tropical storm. I have a Father who needs constant care. I have a farm that also thinks it needs constant care. I have one who told me she quit smoking and now it appears, she didn't. I have another who takes in any and all stray critters, and then just dumps them on me to "take care of" until we can get them to their rightful and future owners. I have a full time job. I have a part time job. And.. I have 2 well meaning-ed, but irritating blondes who think this is too much for me to handle and think I need to go to the Dr. I'm not really sure what this is all supposed to accomplish, but tomorrow, with the two of them together, they're gonna find out just how frail and fragile I am. And I am NOT going to the Dr. until I'm convinced myself that it's necessary. And at which point I need them to tell me what to do and when to do it, I will go find me a house boat, drive it down to the gulf of mexico and wait for the next hurricane to take me away. Hope I can find one big enough for my motorcycle!

So there, I have spoken, deal with it!

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