Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Transporting a Cow Via An Egg!

Went to the butcher to pick up the cow yesterday and he had the nerve to laugh at my "truck" (which is really a geo metro). Since I was picking up a whole cow, sans skin and bones, it turned into quite a feat for my little egg. The back was sitting on the tires.

Egg not happy.

Egg not like to go up hills loaded down like that, but while it moaned and groaned and whined about it, we did make it home.

Bu-Dawgh happy, he got a few new bones, with meat attached.

Ter happy, lots of meat in the freezer

Freezer happy. Totally full, doesn't have to work as hard.

Kids happy. Too much meat to put in the freezer, have to weed out all of the old meat (which goes to the kids).

Hubby happy, he got a slow cooked sirloin tip roast with mashed potatoes and gravy and home grown asparagus for dinner. Also, homemade bread.

Chickens happy, they got left over asparagus and potato peelings, they even gave me a few eggs for my efforts!

Ter happy, we like farm fresh eggs.

Ter happy, got left over sirloin roast and gravy for lunch today.

Hubby happy, he got left over sirloin roast and gravy for lunch today.
Butcher happy, probably still laughing at my "truck".
Girls at work happy, when Ter gets a new cow, girls at work get a food fest!

Seems like everyone's happy except the egg!
This afternoon..... more canning of the tomatoes shall ensue. Tomorrow, I go back to 12-14 hrs at work, ugh.

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