Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've come to the conclusion that "they" are not all that smart.
"They" have a death wish. I think that "they" do not fully comprehend the effects "their" lives have on others. "They" are secure in "their" own little world and believe that "they" deserve the space that "they" occupy.

Take last night.......

Hubby and I went for a nice long (read...cold) bike ride through the surrounding villas, on back roads, front roads, side roads, basically we went all over (and at one point under).

On one of these back roads (or it might have been a side road, can't really tell sometimes) one of "them" decided to make an appearance. Actually, there were several of "them" but only one of "them" had any effect on me. One of "them" saw me coming. One of "them" decided that it would be fun to beat me at my own game. And one of "them" looked me in the eye and said "Bring It". (I actually heard "them" say this).

OK, I know a challenge when I am confronted with it, so I did.
Bring it.
I really had no choice if I wanted to walk away with my head held high (or even walk away, as it were). There we were, racing side by side, down the road, break neck speeds were reached. G's were maxed out, I'm pretty sure at one point I was air born, what with all the wind underneath my wheels. It was a moment where history could have been made.
Eyes met. He looked at me. I looked at him. (I think it was a him, but at those speeds who can really tell). Challenges were non verbally issued. I could feel his breath, I'm sure he could hear my screams! Moments turned into eons and in the end, I emerged the victor. Yup. I won.

Now... what the heck! I've never had one of "them" challenge me for road space in this manner before. I pretty much make a habit of this not happening. I avoid it, and"them". But it did happen. And, I reiterate... (see I can use big words once in awhile)... I won. That's how I roll. I must win. We must not let "them" see weakness.

I won, and I did not end up eating venison last night, nor did he (or the road) end up eating me!

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