Friday, August 29, 2008

When You Really Need Your Camera

Life hands us situations all the time. There's the occasional squirrel who falls out of the tree. NO camera handy on that one.
There's the Bu-Dawgh who takes advantage of the open door and bolts out of it into the next county. No time to find the camera there either.
There's the coffee pot, who through no fault of my own, decides to brew the coffee all over the counter rather than into the convenient pot that is still in the sink. Why bother to collect evidence against myself. Nope, no camera warranted there.
Or, while viewing just about the biggest moon I've ever seen and actually having my camera, giving it to The Mouth so she can snap it, and having her say to me, "Can you get a little bit closer"? Yeah, that one really happened. And I did get a shot of the moon, but not of her face when she realize what she'd just said.

Ya just gotta laugh, that's all there is to it.

This morning, as in all mornings, my critters were desperately letting me know that I hadn't fed them in at least 8 hours, actually probably closer to ages! Eons! They were starving and with the freezing temps (62 deg.) they were on the verge of extinction. OK, fine, I'll go out to the barn and throw them some hay.
And what do I find?

One of my calves, not the brightest calf in the pen, has his head stuck in a bucket. The handle was wrapped around one ear and a horn(ette), as his horns aren't really all that much there yet, just nubs actually. And he was moo-ing away, bumping into things, banging his head on stuff. And it was perfectly obvious that he hadn't been that way for a real long time, so the chuckle deep belly laugh that just about had me rolling on the ground that inadvertently (thank goodness for spell check!) may or may not have escaped from my being was not really all that cruel. I did however, feel that it wouldn't be very nice to leave him like that whilst I ran for the camera. So I freed him, and he was able to eat and drink again, for probably the first time in like 1/2 hour or so.

Poor baby, he'll probably be scarred for life. Either that or he forgot about it in like 3.2 seconds and was all better once he found the hay.

And that happens in real life with real humans too! You know that funny cartoon where the person falls off the ladder and the bucket of whatever ends up all over their head? That happens. Don't ask me how I know!

So, sorry, no picture, even though I knew where the camera was and could have easily procured it, it just didn't seem right to leave him like that any longer than necessary.

Yeah, I'm basically a nice person, way deep down under, even if I am still chuckling.

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