Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

Happy Birthday Honey!

He's officially old! Isn't that what everyone says? So what did we do to celebrate his "old-ness"?

Well, we worked on my car, of course. Now, when I say "we" worked on it, I mean, I ran for wrenches, held the light, swatted mosquitos and kept the beer cold. He doesn't have much faith in my mechanical abilities, I mean, come on, I can do more than hold the darn light!

I can "hold stuff " while he secures it. My hands are way smaller so they fit into tighter spots than his (and since this isn't a full size chevy truck with enough room under the hood to park a smaller vehicle we're talking about, this is an important plus).

I'm smaller all around (although the "around" part is questionable), so I can crawl under, in, around, through, up, down and back into spots where he can't. And all of this has been proven, but all I get to do is hold the light. Oh, yeah, I got to work the cherry picker too (a technical term for the large thingee that holds up the motor while it is being secured). It's also an important item in any mechanic's arsenal, to be tripped over, walked into, and generally mostly in the way, all of the time. So I got to work that too. Which pretty much involves moving the lever either up or down, on command, of course. Yay, what fun!

We also worked a bit on my son's sand rail. Now THIS would be a fun vehicle! Apparantly there are choke problems with this buggy, and while the kid was describing what was happening while he did this and what happened when he did that, it sounded an awful lot like what my bike does occasionally, but I just stood there, making a mental note to tell hubby about it later (as in previously trying to describe what the bike was doing, I failed miserably).
All in all it was an eventful night. We tripped over cherry pickers, invented words, determined that the choke was the problem on the buggy, invented more words, swatted mosquitos, drank beer and eventually succumbed to the lack of natural light.
Absolutely no knitting was accomplished last night. NOT ONE STITCH! (or two or even three). Homesteading? Nope, well, fed the critters, and verified that the turkeys no longer existed, but other than that, nothing!
So there! Wasted nght? Not really, after all I spent time with my best friend, and what's better than that?

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Anonymous said...

Awww... Sounds like you had an awesome night!