Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gardening With Chickens, Chewing Gum and the Ultimate Red Neck Night Out!

Yesterday, I promised before and after pics of my garden. The first is "before. The buckets hanging are my "upside down tomatoes" experiment, definitely a success!
The next picture is after, I at least cleared a path, and got to the end of a few rows of tomatoes and peppers.
I need major amounts of more sticks to hike these things off the ground though.

And this is what promptly happened after I weeded.
I think all I really did was make it easier for the chickens to find the tomatoes.
Tonight... gotta get that hen house secured!!

Last night Hubby and I had the ultimate "Redneck Night Out"! We loaded up a couple of head of cattle into the stock trailer, took them for a little drive down the road to the slaughter house, and unloaded them. Sure makes for a fun evening! Actually we did have fun, but we usually do. After that we enjoyed the cuisine of Mickey D's Golden Arches and promptly laughed at how little it takes to entertain us.

That's OK, someone has to enjoy this stuff!
So 2 of our cattle have been delivered to a neighboring slaughter house, and another 2 will be killed this morning, here. It depends on who buys them and who wants them butchered and where.
Still gotta call the butcher, I should do that...

Oh, and while I'm at it... I have some advice for you.
Never chew gum and attempt to blow a bubble whilst riding a motorcycle. It's not pretty. Ask me how I know!

Oh, and another thing, remember yesterday when I said it was "a bit nippy" on my ride to work? Yeah! 35 degrees was the official reading! Good grief! I guess if I'm gonna keep riding, I'm gonna have to get out my long johns and woolen helmet liner!


Edward Vielmetti said...

I love the upside down tomatoes pictures - if you have a higher res photo of that I'd love permission to include it in the blog post I have on the topic at



Ter - N. MI said...

Hi, Ed,
You didn't leave any contact info and I couldn't find it at your blog, but you can use the pic. I think I have a higher res pic still in my camera. Email me and I'll attach it back to you.