Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cukes, Peppers and the Mystery of Life.

Absolutely nothing happened last night.
Well, except that a bunch of people stopped over. It was like everyone decided that they were gonna come see us. All on the same night. Well, ok, they actually came to see hubby, but I kinda went along for the ride. I'm like that.


My garden has seen fit to produce about 368 tons of cukes, all at the same time. I know what you're thinking. Pickles. Me too, except I've never successfully made pickles. I make them all the time, but they are usually soggy.

I have a new recipe that I want to try, it's called Sun Pickles. True to it's name you need to stuff everything in a big jar and leave it out in the sun for 3 days. That's the trick, finding 3 days worth of hot sun this time of year. I can put it out on my black bar-b-que grill, which will provide the heat, if the sun is out. Which, again, is questionable.
Then there's the time involved. First I have to actually nail down the recipe. And I mean, nail it down. Since I have a hurricane and a tropical storm living in my house, everything that isn't nailed down gets lost in the flurry. I have to find it. Then nail it down.
Then I have to decide what I don't have and what I need to get and what can be creatively substituted.
How hard can it be? I need onions, garlic, dill, and a piece of bread and salt. I have the garlic. Guess I need to make a food run. Maybe I'll stuff a banana bell or jalapeno in there just for kicks.

And peppers! Whoda thunk they'd get mixed up?

I started all of mine from seeds. Planted green, yellow and red sweet bells, banana bells, jalapenos and habaneros. (I don't know how to make the little squiggly thing that goes above the n's, hang in here with me though, I'm sure you'll figure out what I mean.)

So I started all these from seeds, and then planted them when the weather was appropriate. And forgot what I planted where.
So now I have a plethora o peppers in every imaginable shape, color and size. Gonna have to figure out which is the sweet bells and which are the jalapenos. Seriously, I do know the difference, but the difference between the jalapenos and habaneros is a bit fuzzy. Since both of them are for the salsa the my Texas friend makes I guess it doesn't matter. I like it hot enough to make my ears water.

What to do about this? I googled it, and now I'm in trouble. I figured habaneros and jalapenos looked similar. But guess what? Habaneros, as it turns out, look like baby sweet bells. uh oh! This might not be good! This could be epic. And it might be a real problem.

I don't want sweet bells in my Hot Enough To Make My Ears Water salsa, nor do I want to stuff hamburger and rice into a habanero, take a big bite out of it expecting the sweetness of a bell only to find a few real angry seeds wanting to make the next 20 mins of my live miserable!

Guess I better have some milk ready. Where did that cow go? And why is my spell check having a fit over the word "habanero"? Life's mysteries...


Anonymous said...

What are cukes?

Why did you plant habeneros? Are you crazy? Nevermind...

Anonymous said...

mom, you know that little ethopian child with one leg that lost his pork chop that we always say we are going to send all of your experiments to, he doesnt even want your pickles. that is the nicest way i can say it.

since i love you mom we need to talk about you not labeling things because you will "remember" what you planted and where. mom you never remember what you plant and where we have this conversation every year.