Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Down To Earth Vs. Grounded

So, the stealth knitting project has been completed, and delivered AHEAD OF TIME!!!! Again, it's done, completed, and received by it's intended owner, ahead of schedule. This almost never happens. Never! It's a curse, or something, or probably the result of my thinking "ok, I have 2 weeks to get this done, I can do it". Yeah right. Problem is, I have too many other things on that same plate.

So, did I get a picture? Of course I did, silly you!

Do I have a picture to show you? Of course not. Come on, 2 out of 3 and all!

Why do I not have a picture to show you, if I indeed did take a picture? It's the fault of the Universe. That and the fact that if I had to grab my Awesome Camera That I Bought Myself For My Birthday A Few Years Ago, all quick like, and run out of the house because it was on fire, I wouldn't be able to. Find my camera that is. I have a general clue where it is. It's somewhere in the house! But between working extra hours to get a MAJOR project at work done, and trying to convince myself that here in N. Mich, in August, I really need to stop concentrating on planting things, and start concentrating on getting the already planted stuff harvested, well, I lose things.

Which brings me to the differences between being grounded and being down to earth.

Most everyone who knows me would put me on the Down To Earth shelf. I don't go so far as to wear overalls and braids while I sit on a stool milking my cow and singing pretty songs (well, ok, it's been done, before I cut my hair, it's too short to braid now...) but I definitely fit more on that shelf than any others.

Yeah, Down To Earth, that's me, but grounded? That's a whole other issue entirely. No, I am not grounded (except in my yarn purchases where I have definitely restricted myself, but, again, I get off track).

Grounded, to me, implies that I have it all together, which I do, but it's not all in one place where I can find it. It implies that when on a trip to the grocery store, automatically, the information on how to find my truck, or bike when I come out of the store is put into place. Nope! Picture me wandering around the parking lot with a cart full of groceries, not only not being able to find my truck, but forgetting that I rode my bike, and have no clue how to get all of this home (which leads to really creative bungie-ing).

Being grounded would imply that wearing a white t-shirt to work, knowing that I am riding my bike on a dirt road would be a big no-no. But I continue to do it. Regularly. And then acutally wonder why I have dirt speckles and bug dots all over me when arriving at wherever my destination is.

To say I spend a lot of time in the stratosphere orbiting around would be fairly accurate. Acutally, a lot of time is spent trying to stay grounded, but it is what it is.

We could go on and on about the differences between grounded and being down to earth, but I think you get the idea. No? Ask my hubby. Or ask my kids, chances are, if they actually get it (and I have one who does..) they'll just roll their eyes. Hmmm, wonder why?

But the sweater did turn out really cute. Picture it. Little. Baby girl pink. Mixed with silver and white. Big cute button. You get the idea.

Maybe tomorrow you'll see it!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah right! We'll see it tomorrow. Funny girl...

I rather be floating around aimlessly than be grounded or down to Earth. It's way easier!